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Happy 4/20: Weed & Yoga Pants

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When I think of weed and yoga pants, the first person that pops in to my head is the insanely beautiful @Remymeow. So here’s two pics for you to drool over!

Now that that’s settled, we understand that you want to see more hot babes that smoke weed in yoga pants. So grab a bong, pretend your the guy below, and enjoy all the pics.

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@MichelleBalvs is back with some mind blowing booty pictures (+ Bikini Pics!)

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michelle-balvs-010What better way to ring in 4/20 than with some amazing pictures of the girl we featured last year with a bong strapped to her face. That’s right, not only does this gorgeous chick have an insanely tight body, but she dables in the devil’s lettuce, and much like you she’s probably very high today. So go follow her on twitter, because once you see the bikini pictures you’re going to have to join me on her growing list of booty-stalkers. » Continue reading “@MichelleBalvs is back with some mind blowing booty pictures (+ Bikini Pics!)”

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Lais DeLeon has a great ass

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via @laisdeleon

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A Stripper From Chicago In Yoga Pants

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stripper-001Submitted by George, he claims this girl works the pole at one of Chicago’s fine gentlemen’s clubs. I don’t know about you, but I’d consider paying 10 dollars for this girl to grind up on me. Click here for another angle ›

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A fan’s wife and mother of four showing off her booty (5 Photos)

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wife-in-yoga-pants-008Submitted by Nava, I believe we’ve featured his wife twice before. You can check those updates out here and here, or you can enjoy these new pics of her in yoga pants, pajama pants, getting ready for the club and even a picture of her in just a thong! » Continue reading “A fan’s wife and mother of four showing off her booty (5 Photos)”

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