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Michelle Balvs has a friend with a big booty (+ Bonus Bikini Pic)

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dilaraI guess good booty sticks together, because Michelle‘s best friend @DilaraEsenn has a booty that will knock you on the floor. Seriously, my dream is to get stuck in line behind the two of them at a waterpark. But why just dream about it when you can experience it for yourself by clicking here ››


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13 girls in yoga pants who will make you stare

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Make your day a little better with these 13 pics. Some new ones and some classics. Which one is your favorite? › Continue reading


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Porn Star Giselle Mari Cleaning The House In See-through Yoga Pants

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giselle-mariI should start a cleaning service where porn stars come clean your house in see-through yoga pants, because I don’t know about you but I could watch her sweep my floors all day long. Thanks to Mofos for this one!

Check out Giselle on Twitter: @GiselleMariXXX


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Ladies, Take Note: Mid-workout Selfie

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mid-workout-selfieIf you’re going to the gym and going to update the world about it, at least include a picture of your progr-ASS.

Submitted by Tim, credit to Reddit user /u/3_little_bears


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Jennifer Lopez’s new video is going to be all about ass and nothing else

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If you want to see J-Lo grabbing and shaking her ass, this is the video for you. I haven’t been this excited for something involving Jennifer Lopez since the premier of Gigli.


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