If you like Girls In Yoga Pants, than you’ll love Girls On Halloween! From the creators of comes your second favourite ridiculously specific photo-blog;!

On Halloween something magical happens; regular, every day girls.. Proper ones with respectable jobs and loving families, for some reason or another transform like caterpillars breaking out of a cocoon in to what we know as the Halloween Slut. A term of endearment of course, as we love every one of you that works your ass off at the gym to fit in to that tight little costume. Whether she’s dressing up as a princess or a potato, a witch or a mechanic or just putting on her underwear with some animal ears, you can guarantee your eyes are in for a treat your childhood antics could never compare to. This Halloween season we got to thinking, why limit yourself to just one day a year? Why not have Girls On Halloween EVERY DAY! Through this, was born.

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