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    Welcome To The All-New!

    More new site features will be rolling out all week!


    Welcome to the all-new version 2. The browsing experience is mostly the same as you’re used to, but now with more new features, faster loading times and MORE of what you’re here to see: Girls in yoga pants!

    We want to thank all of our loyal visitors for staying with us. We’re just getting started, and more and more new features will be rolling out for you to enjoy in the coming days and weeks.

    Click here to see the rest! →

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    Sponsors Section Notice (Updated: We’re Back)

    Our pro-level sponsor area at for yoga pants connoisseurs is experiencing a little down time due to a DDoS attack. Why someone would attack a website spreading yoga pants joy to the masses is beyond me. But don’t worry, none of your information has been compromised, and things will be back up and running shortly!

    If your account is missing from our backup or you have trouble logging in once we’re back online, no fear, we will manually get you all set up and make sure everything’s taken care of as soon as possible.

    Update: We’re back online, and if your account no longer works then expect an email from us shortly.

    What’s a DDoS attack? –

    Bandwidth attacks: This DDos attack overloads the target with massive amounts of junk data. This results in a loss of network bandwidth and equipment resources and can lead to a complete denial of service.

    Contact us about this – [email protected]

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    WINNER: January T-Shirt Giveaway

    That’s right, another one of our lucky sponsors has won a t-shirt! Get your first chance to win for just a penny! How I imagine Alex is reacting to the news:

    twerking yoga pants

    Check your inbox Alex, we need some details from you!

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    The Cougar Says Goodbye!

    the cougarThat’s right folks, we’re starting off the week with the worst fucking news ever! The Cougar has decided to stop submitting photos to us. While I’m sure my angry rants blaming everyone for this horrible outcome would be productive, I think I’ll let this go down the way it should, with words from the The Cougar herself:

    Hey fellas. Wow not sure your fans want to see me anymore. Way more down votes than up. Guess it’s time to move on. Thanks for all the love you have shown my pix. To the fans that took time to comment, thank you! Your comments were not over looked. Thank you to the ones that defended me when others were rude and obnoxious. We all have our opinions and are entitled to them, but some where just flat out ignorant, especially when you don’t even know me. I didn’t expect for everyone to like my pix by any means but my god I thought individuals would show more class when commenting. Guess that’s what you get when you post your @ss on the net. Take the good with the bad. LOL😁. Anyway love you all! Merry Christmas!

    If you’re as bummed the fuck out as I am, please click the thumbs up. We’re working on getting her back to do something for the GIYP sponsors – but until then, this might be the last time you see this booty for a while. Possibly ever.

    I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now.

    Check out 48 of the sexiest pictures she’s ever sent us ›

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    Our second monthly T-Shirt giveaway!


    Every month we give away a GIYP t-shirt to one of our website sponsors. This is our 2nd t-shirt winner and you could be next! Sponsoring GIYP only costs 1 penny for the first month: It removes all ads from the website, and gives you access to exclusive content we can’t post on the public site.

    girls-in-yoga-pants-001Shout-out to GIYP fan Gina for this submission, as well as GIYP sponsor OrangeKangaroo for sponsoring our page and for being awesome!

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    I admit it, I did a double-take too

    If you’re wondering why that giant balloon-like structure looks so familiar, allow me to refresh your memory:

    booty gif

    @girlsinyogapant on Twitter

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    Disturbing: Montana Law Maker Wants To Ban Yoga Pants

    The freedom to wear yoga pants is under fire in the state of Montana by Rep. David Moore and House Bill 365. On Tuesday, Moore proposed House Bill 365 which seeks to make it illegal to wear yoga pants within Montana state lines. (
    source) Not only yoga pants, but all tight-fitting clothing would be banned by this bill. The following may be disturbing to some visitors of this site, but this is a real, unedited quote from Moore: “Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway.”

    This man needs to be stopped. We will do everything in our power to help the people of Montana preserve their freedom and fight this Genghis Khan-style injustice. Sign the petition to save yoga pants in Montana here.

    yoga pants gif

    Petition: Save yoga pants in Montana »

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    A preacher in Arizona said “yoga pants are sin”, and “stop being a camel toe”

    There’s a preacher named Dean Saxton (NOT pictured above) at the University of Arizona who caused outrage after preaching to women with a sign that read “You deserve rape.” Now this same moron
    told Vice he thinks yoga pants are sinful. Here’s one of his quotes: “Give up your immodest clothing. You need to stop being a camel toe. You need to stop masturbating. Yoga pants are sin.See his interview at

    As one of the highest authorities on yoga pants on the web, I’d like to comment on this. I’ll get right to the important stuff. After plenty of research, I’m confident in saying it is NOT possible for a person to “be” a camel toe. I’ve never heard of someone giving in to Satan and then physically shape-shifting into a cam-toe. But let’s say he’s right, and there is an underground society of mutated walking moose knuckles, where in the Bible does it say that’s wrong? Are they hurting anyone? Sure they may smell of shellfish from time to time, but that’s not anything a little hygienic upkeep can’t prevent.

    Now, as far as yoga pants being a sin goes, look at these pics and decide for yourself: (more…)

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    Enter to win a free GIYP USB drive/bottle opener

    So we got drunk and decided to give stuff away again. We’ve got 3 (three) of these lovely USB drive bottle opener keychains (as pictured above) to send out for free. That’s right, a USB memory stick and a bottle opener all in one. With 4 GB of memory, it has enough space to store your favorite GIYP pics and a Blu-Ray rip of Baseketball, all while providing the ability to open a beer at any time. Follow the instructions below to enter. 3 winners will be picked at random. Voting period closes at 11:59pm, Sunday, May 4, 2014.

    How to enter:

    Voting is closed! Thank you to all entrants. Winners will be notified shortly.

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    Lululemon messed up… Again

    blaming their defective pants on girls’ body types, Lululemon has once again put their image in jeopardy. This time, they used customer’s IP addresses to ban them from the store if the customers get “caught” selling Lululemon items on eBay. Really.

    Many claimed to have turned to eBay due to Lulu’s strict return policy, which states that unwanted merchandise must be returned within 14 days of purchase even if the item is a gift.

    Unlike Lululemon, we actually encourage customers to sell our shirts on eBay for whatever reason life throws at them. Maybe their girlfriend doesn’t like it and threatens to break up with them, or tell their wife. Maybe they get fired from the middle school for wearing it to work. Maybe they got someone famous to autograph it and want to cash in. None of our business! We also will never stalk you by your IP address. Mainly because we don’t know how.

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    Kim Kardashian Banned For Life From GIYP For Manipulated Photos

    It’s been a turbulent 24 hours here on Just yesterday we
    lifted our year-and-a-half long ban on Kim Kardashian pics, but we’ve already been forced to overturn that decision. Many people familiar with Photoshop believe her two new Instagram pics were digitally manipulated to make her appear thinner.

    Photoshop expert @PeejeT tells us the curve in the door frame (pictured above) is evidence of manipulation. “Also, the tiles on the floor seem to warp around the same shape of Kim’s body,” he says, “this would be caused by expanding the thigh and bringing in the stomach.” @PeejeT sent the above diagram, which uses red and blue lines to highlight the warping.

    Because of the alleged photo manipulation, in addition to unconfirmed reports that she’s actually a Hobbit, we’ve decided to banish Kim Kardashian from Girls In Yoga Pants for life and request that she be returned to Middle Earth immediately. (more…)

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    The weed smoker’s holiday is coming up, and we are giving away one of
    our GIYP t-shirts to whoever sends in the best pic of a girl in yoga pants smoking weed. Send in your pic HERE to enter. To qualify, the pic must be sent in before 4/20 and it needs to be of a girl in yoga pants smoking/holding/doing something with marijuana. We will choose the winner and notify you via email and on the website. (more…)

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