I know there’s only like six stores left after the Game Seven Riots, but a GIYP fan wrote in asking; dude you have to help a fellow canadian brother out. i recently came across your site and let me start off by saying it is fucking fantastic, you do good work.. Anyways down to business after seeing a few pics of girls on your site wearing white tight yoga pants im hooked. my gf has a killer butt and i’d love to post a pic for you guys and i will, shes got a sweet pair of black lulu’s. but i cant get the white pants off my mind i’ve been thinking about them ever since i first laid eyes on them, please reach out to our fellow lovers of yoga pants and find out for me where i can buy her a pair of white pants. i live in vancouver bc, i dunno if that helps the search.

TLDR: Guy from Vancouver is looking for a spot locally to buy white yoga pants – anyone know? Let him know in the comments! There’s also an enlarged shot of this tiny booty, after the jump!

Written by Randy Marsh

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