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Vanessa Finesse Twerking In Yoga Pants

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Girls In Yoga Pants TwerkingVanessa writes:

“I love your site Im hoping I can be a regular on there. I like seeing what guys think of girls on there that have bfs. Mine doesnt knoe but idc lol hope this are good enough. If you post and I get good feedback i PROMISE to send more ;)

Vanessa <3"

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There are heroes all around us

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Beyoncé launched her own line of yoga pants and Lululemon isn’t happy (Photos + Video)

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ivy-park-yoga-pants-001As many of you know, @Beyoncé dropped a new line of athletic wear recently under the name “IVY PARK”, and it would appear that the current reigning champion of lycra isn’t too happy! In a since-deleted tweet, the (potentially former) king of yoga pants said: › Continue reading

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Video of a camel toe on public transit

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If you can’t tell that half your pants are inside your vagina, you might have bigger problems than a camel toe in public.

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A thick beautiful blonde from Instagram (13 Pics & 2 Videos)

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iamiskra-ass-yoga-pants-002Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor, because this girl @iamiskra from New York had it dropping the entire time I was scrolling through her Instagram.
iamiskra-ass-yoga-pants-003With 1.2 million followers, you’d be foolish not to want to see the swimsuit and underwear pictures waiting below! › Continue reading

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