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I’m kind of in love with this insanely beautiful professional poker player

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She’s that girl you see at a music festival and imagine spending the rest of your life with, then 4 seconds later she’s hugging some shirtless dude who has arms the size of your gut so you take a drink of your warm tall can of shit beer and think about where you went wrong in life.

I just wish she had some booty pics up!

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Video: When Girls In Yoga Pants Send Mixed Signals

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A video posted by C-Lo (@clop3z) on

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Danielle Pertusiello Vine Twerking Compilation

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Some of these videos look they were filmed using a potato, but they’re all worth watching. I’d recommend hitting the mute first though, because the volume varies.

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Video: Weather girl with a camel toe

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I was going to post some screen shots we received of this woman’s camel toe but I was able to find the actual video, which is so much better!

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Dangerous curves from Brazil

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A video posted by Vivi Monteiro (@vivimonteiro_) on

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