Kayla Manthey and THIS 14 Pic Photo Gallery A TRUE Patriot

Kayla Manthey Photo Gallery On a Saturday

Kayla Manthey Holding Gun
Kayla Manthey Holding Gun

View all of the pics. Get to the End of the SlideShow by clicking the pink arrows below, Get Rewarded with a sexy video of Kayla. Checkout her 14 pics + 1 video and enjoy. You will not be disappointed. (By the way pic #10 in the slideshow is exactly why we featured Miss Manthey.

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  1. I met someone on Facebook by the name Isabella manthey, they used kayla manthey pictures, I had no who kayla was, I was in love with Isabella and it was a military romance scam, after learning about kayla and what a wonderful person she is I couldn’t help loving her more, I’m very proud of her for the work she does for our country, she in my eyes is a very remarkable woman, even though I fell in love with Isabella it’s kayla who I care about, when you look at her eyes you can’t help loving her, she in fact is the most beautiful woman in the world and I want to make a public commitment to kayla manthey, no one loves you more than me and I will stand my ground on that, and you have my email address now and I’m here for you 24/ 7 if you need a friend, I will love you until I die, that is my promise to you, thank you kayla for all you do, you truly are a very beautiful person inside and out. Your friend Gary

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