The Perfect Booty In Short Shorts

whitney-yoga-shortsSo I met this girl Whitney at a birthday party a while ago and she said she was going to submit her ass, which she did. The problem was, the picture was really low resolution and while her ass is incredible, it was just a blurry mess that didn’t do it justice. This was back in July, and we hadn’t heard from her since so I assumed she changed her mind or lost interest.

Fast forward to today, I open my email and saw an ass so good my jaw actually dropped. After picking it back up, I noticed the sender was Whitney, that girl from back in July! I would never have guessed a girl this petite could be packing such an incredible booty. Hats off to her boyfriend, I think I want to party with them again so I can give them both a high five.

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Written by C. Munson

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