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  • http://www.first.com first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    I made my long awaited comeback to bring this site to new heights!

    And let’s be honest guys, we won’t succeed if you post pictures like this one.

    I mean, an ass that won’t pass the toilet bowl test, meaning it won’t fit in a toilet bowl.

    Not only that but a brown asshole!?

    As your leader and Quality Control director, I apologize on behalf of GIYP for them posting these pics.

    Also, I give this saggy ass my sweet tiny mushroom stamp of:

    P A S S

    You guys don’t have my blessing, I repeat, you DO NOT have my blessing to jerk off to this saggy huge fat nasty ass with a brown asshole.

  • George Costanza

    Yuck this chick is the color of shit! :(


  • StrokerAce


    That sounds like she should have her hand down her yoga pants, and…you know… ;)

  • Richard Head

    Her body is hot! She can get a bodily fluids transfusion of my choice. You know what I’m choosing!

  • Damion

    I don’t know what everyone’s bitching about. The girl is hot, and the ass is banging. Not sagging at all. What’s wrong with girls of color?

  • bugs bunny

    first douche is wrong, id hit it i love fat asses, and shes got some tits on her too

  • the dude

    Pass? That’s hilarious. Chicks hot

  • http://www.first.com first

    Some people like that cottage cheese.

  • George

    Lol…some of these guys on here, especially the first two racist homosexuals who have never even talked to a live chick are truly hilarious. This chick rocks. You guys can “choose” to not be interested the same way fat kids “choose” to not go outside and play sports with the regular kids. Mark my words and take em to the bank….those two have NEVER slept with a chick that wasn’t hideous. And you know it. Fact is this smokin hot chick wouldn’t even talk to you to ask for directions. Now move aside little half-men…let the real men enjoy the pretty lady. Go drink Mountain Dew and play World of Warcraft losers.

  • bootyologist

    im confused. theres nothing wrong with this specimen. all measurements look good to me

  • StrokerAce

    The first “two” posters are the same person.

  • George

    Ooohhh, now it all makes sense. So First is SUCH a loser that he posts here under multiple names. Gotcha. Now I feel sorry for him, because he can’t help that the best part of his DNA ended up in his mother’s asshole.

  • Diablo

    NICE! Look at the dimensions awesome hourglass figure, I’ll ride that ass all week long.

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