Laci Kay Somers has an ass so good, you’ll want to cry (12 Photos)

laci-kay-somers-001About a year ago we featured @LaciKaySomers in a post that had 5 incredible .GIFs – and we couldn’t let her second time being featured be a disappointment by comparison, so we’ve packed this post full of yoga pants, yoga shorts, underwear and even a couple swimsuit pics for good measure.

laci-kay-somers-002You know I had to include the BBQ picture, because there’s nothing sexier than a girl that knows how to grill. Going through her instagram, there was so much delicious food I didn’t know if I was hungry or horny. By the way, is it normal for BBQ’d meat to give you boner? Because I sport a half chub any time I cut in to a perfectly cooked steak and while I’m okay with this, I get a lot of weird looks at restaurants.




Written by C. Munson

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