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Say hello once again to the beautiful @valeria_orsini.



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  • Ward Cleaver

    Hello Miss Orsini,

    I just visited your Tweeter page.


  • The Last Universalist

    If she invited me back to her house I wouldn’t say no.

  • upset


  • upset
  • buttman

    i might just be able to push 2″ of my tongue up that ass

  • Ass Master

    Even if it was to wipe her husbands ass?

  • paul

    she has a great ass. i think she was on here not too long ago. but still a killer ass.

  • Canuckguy

    man, I wish we had women dress like that in my gym.

  • HungDaddy


  • StrokerAce

    I want to bone her, and I want to bone her often! And then I want to bone her some more. ;)

  • bootyologist

    that ass is healthy. wonder what she looks like

  • Carnage

    Saw that she posted some pics on Fap Nation too… also see that she’s not including her face…. maybe because the comments she got on Fap Nation?

  • Bootyologist

    healthy booty. wonder what the face looks like

  • TL


  • bootyologist

    no. these fuckers delete my posts sometimes. no idea why. i say the most harmless things compared to some of the escaped mental patients on here.

  • Anonymous

    Imwill tear up that tight ass

  • navysquid93

    I just came in my pants again!

  • Molefi Clement

    I thnk this sh!t is hot. I wish there was a day dat ol females wear the yoga’pants. Hw abt dat?

  • Matt

    That’s what I’m talking about , that’s hot…..

  • thinnygirl

    ooh cute yoga shorts.. need to find me some of those :) and her physique is definately something for me to aspire to!

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