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The best way to enhance your “girls in yoga pants” (or shorts!) viewing experiencing is to involve a sport. Be it biking, hiking, hula hooping, dodgeball or like this girl, rollerblading; just about anything you can think of can be enhanced by the power of yoga apparel. Or, if you’re too lazy for that shit.. just keep going for the slightly enlarged picture of this babe..

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  • paul

    judging by the rest of her figure she must have a great ass

  • StrokerAce

    You said it, Paul! I could get into phenomenal shape just trying to keep up with that beauty! :D

  • George Costanza

    I am back! just got out of jail. Got arrested for rape but charges dropped yeehaw back to GIYP!@

  • Flocka

    She’s dope. ^ lol ur a animal

  • Bobbo

    George, Was the case dismissed for lack of evidence, or did the prosecution’s case not stand up in court???

  • Ass Splash

    Missed your awesome comments George, good to have you back dude. Now onto this beauty, I agree she prob has a sweet ass so she needs to send in some back/side views and one bent the fuck over grabbin her ankles!

  • http://giyp 1Most3

    This beautiful milf makes me want to catch one of those rape charges

  • George Costanza

    THey lacked evidence and the woman accusing me of rape did not want to testify she is too embarrassed plus i made her cum while i raped her so i know she enjoyed it a little if you know what i mean heheheheheheh :)

  • Luke

    DAMN! She has got a great body, I love blondes.

  • bob

    She goes to the beautiful University of Florida..not a milf

  • http://www.christopherfitzgeraldtv.wordpress.com Christopher

    I would love to rollerblade with her. Then again, who wouldn’t?

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