15 Photos: Mikayla Carr In Yoga Pants & Shorts

mikayla-carr-1Ever see a girl on the street and think “Damn, she’s so hot I’d be happy with just being rejected by that girl”? Well, that’s how I feel about @Miss_Mikaylaaa – I really think life would be better knowing that I’d spoken to such a work of art.
mikayla-carr-2In reality, I’d be more likely to just continue to peak through the window of my mom’s living room as she jogs by than to actually go outside and interact with her, but it’s nice to build up some imaginary situation in your head some times.. you know? And yes, those are donut yoga pants. This girl wins my heart.
mikayla-carr-3In case the following 12 pictures aren’t enough to take care of your post-Christmas boner, you can check out these 9 pics from the last time we featured this insanely attractive woman. There’s even a bikini pic, because she’s so hot we had to break the rules!

Twitter: @Miss_Mikaylaaa
Intagram: @MikaylaCarr_xo





Written by C. Munson

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