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Kendall Jenner ziplining in yoga pants

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I’ll have to agree with her friend who yelled out “Your ass looks good” at the last second. I believe she probably has the best ass in her family.

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Full-body workout in orange yoga pants

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Is that exercise device even real? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was invented solely for making videos like this.


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I wonder what was going through this cat’s mind

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I won’t lie, I’m kind of pissed at that little f*cker for putting an end to our view so abruptly.

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VIDEO: The Yoga Pants Prank

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Shout-out to fouseyTUBE for putting this together.


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4 new videos of Valeria Orsini and her epic booty

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This chick is seriously always in the gym, and it shows. These videos just made my day. › Continue reading


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