Yoga shorts are the reason I can’t go to yoga classes

yoga-shorts-in-yoga-classYoga shorts are my second favorite piece of clothing, beaten only by their longer counterpart, yoga pants. I had to explain to a friend that I would love to attend one of his yoga classes, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing yoga in jeans and I’m 95% sure the rest of the class wouldn’t feel comfortable if I was wearing anything less restricting. If I was to walk in to a room like the one above, I would most definitely be going from six to midnight faster than Perez Hilton at a Chippendales show.

I’m really sorry about that visual. Seriously. No one visiting our site wants to think about that. Let’s see if we can help bleach your mind of that garbage by combining two of our favorite things: Yoga shorts and PIZZA!

Yoga shorts that look like pizza


Hot blonde eating pizza in yoga shorts

Written by C. Munson

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