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Scary Spice Twerking On Instagram

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It would appear that she deleted the original Instagram video, but that’s okay because this is the internet and that booty will bounce on forever.


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Whooty Twerking On Vine: “You Know What To Do With That Big Fat Butt”

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big-fat-buttThat last vine we posted would auto-play no matter what we did so instead of annoying the hell out of everyone for the next 24 hours, we’ve given you a preview of what’s waiting for you below. Click here to watch it wiggle ›


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Voted #1 Fitness Model In Canada

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It must be something to do with the last name, because Lyzabeth Lopez has a booty like J.Lo that will make your knees weak. Check out the video above of her enjoying leg day at the gym.


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Video: Twerking In Yoga Pants

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She looks trashy enough to let you put it in her butt – the question is, would you?

Submitted by Chief Miest


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Vine: “You want this wiggling in your face, don’t you?”

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Follow her on Twitter: @JilianJansonx3


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