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    New Pics & Videos Of @LaisDeleon In Yoga Pants, Workout Shorts & A Bikini!


    It’s kind of good and bad that today is Friday Frontal. It’s good, because I have an excuse to post a ton of pics showing how hot @LaisDeleon really is. It’s bad, because I’ve spent the last 20 minutes debating what picture to use as the one above. That’s still pretty good though, because that means I spent the last […] More

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    7 Pics & An Epic Video Of Lais DeLeon


    Lais DeLeon might be one of my favorite girls in yoga pants ever. Check out her website and tweet her @laisdeleon_net. Now prepare to press the replay button on this video about 10 times: College Girl Selfie In The Dorm Lobby9 Pics: Latin Girl With A Booty You Can See From The FrontAthletic girl in red yoga pantsFOR THE […] More

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