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Nicki Minaj shares a jaw-dropping booty selfie

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Every now and then, Nicki Minaj posts some selfies on Instagram showing off her spherical booty region and the internet goes nuts. Let the debates over whether her donk is natural or silicone begin. Here are some more shots of Nicki’s redonkulous ass:


Nicki Minaj’s cam-toe in yoga pants ›


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  • Ace Boogie

    I’d eat her A$$ and Pu$$y all day!!!!

  • Genia K Stevens

    Broke bitches are on here talkin’ shit about about a rich woman who doesn’t know any of you exist. THAT is comical. She’s cashing checks and ya’ll are hatin’ and posting comments.


    So what if it’s fake its fat I don’t care how she got it

  • La Bella Bre’

    No, actually I think for myself. You showed how ignorant you are by even mentioning Jay-Z as if he gives a fuck about you! Lol very much laughable. He would step over you if you were dying in the street, honey. Get a life and get off his dick. If you were a “highly spirited” person you wouldn’t be on here defending someone like Jay-Z, unless you mean “highly spirited” as in happy and upbeat.

  • La Bella Bre’

    And I never said he anointed himself Jehovah. Can you read? He calls himself “Hov” and if he didn’t think he was akin to Jehovah, then he could have told his fans that he didn’t want to be called that. Instead, he took it and ran with it. You are really silly. Sheeple are people who believe everything they hear on TV and the news and they are herded en masse like sheep for the slaughter. The term “sheeple” has nothing to do with the Bible, dumb ass. Go use urban dictionary or something I know you like reading…maybe a poor source like Wikipedia and find out what it means.

  • La Bella Bre’

    I have nothing against gays or anybody. To each his own. I don’t even go to church so shut the hell up and stop assuming shit you have no idea about. I have more wisdom under my pinky toenail than you have in that pea brain of yours. Trust me, this is no debate and I hope you continue that sad, sordid life of your’s just like it’s going…

  • La Bella Bre’

    And I totally know what the punch line meant. I used to listen to his music years ago. I’m not the butt of anybody’s joke. I know what he meant when he said it. If anybody is the butt of a joke, it is you, for worshipping that pompous ass.

  • La Bella Bre’

    If he doesn’t compare himself to a god, then why does he wear the “Do as Thou Wilt” shirts and hoodies? Do you know where that comes from? It came from Aleister Crowley, who invented the term to mean that his followers and those who subscribe to the same beliefs as he does are in essence, gods, and can do as they want. If you think Jay-Z is a humble dude then you are one of the sheeple I mentioned…blind and brainwashed.

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