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Camilla Gimenez In Yoga Shorts

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camillagimenezShe’s got 1.4 million people following her on IG, and if you have a look at her pictures you’ll completely understand why!

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Kelsey Allbright still looking fine af

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kelsey-allbright-001Check out these 6 photos of @KelseyAllbright and when you finish cleaning up the puddle of drool, hit her up with a follow on IG. You will not be disappointed by the pictures she posted. › Continue reading

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This girl is an 11 out of 10

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sveta-bilyalova-001via @svetabily

sveta-bilyalova-002On a scale of 1 – 10, she’s an 11.

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Amazing hand bra from a brunette

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The Camel Toe Extravaganza (Updated: 72 Photos)

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Ah, the camel toe. it’s either a defect or a great added feature of yoga pants depending how you look at it.
camel-toe-1We recently learned from a follower on our Facebook page that they call yoga pants mumble pants in Australia, because they’re so tight you can see the lips moving, but you can’t actually understand what they’re saying. Here are 70 epic camel toe pics, demonstrating this beautiful phenomenon. Enjoy! › Continue reading

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