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@SEC_Missouri snapped this creep shot and sent it in to us on Twitter, called the University of Missouri “Yoga Pants U” – think your school has better? Let us see what you’ve got!

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  • Jagoff

    This bitch looks like a pig… Nice lumpy ass… I love creep shots, but at least make sure they are worth the honor:..

  • StrokerAce

    I Tappa Ass! :D

  • Jota

    Whoever submitted this, ignore guys like Jagoff. Gotta love the internet. Suddenly every guy with a keyboard is a connoisseur about women’s asses.

    That’s a nice, round ass. Great creep shot. Makes me miss college.

  • armauld

    Yes, Jagoff, she’s a “pig”. You, however, must have a perfect body hiding behind that computer screen.

  • michael weston

    I love being at college for this reason haha. Great ass. I love the yoga pants and boots look.

  • joe

    Her thighs look kinda skinny for that ass

  • blueollie

    Yes, now-a-days, the college women wear yoga pants to class; others wear those new tight fitting spandex “fake jeans”.

  • donkason

    Legs are too skinny and ass is flat and wide. She looks like one of those skinny fat chicks that get naked and disappoint with muffin top, pooch gut, and saggy waffle tits. I’d still make hate to it and tell her to leave a sandwich on the counter on the way to the door. Definitely not the high caliber I’m used to seeing but the creep shot makes it worth it.

  • bobby

    I live in a college town – yesterday I was walking around the campus area and it seems like 90% of the girls were wearing yoga pants. Truly a phenomenon.

  • sec

    You should maybe see some other sec schools for better action. Next rainy day check it. They all wear yoga pants and rain boots.

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