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Our favorite radio DJ, Eddie Francis (@YourBoyEddie) has spread the joy of girls in yoga pants in his GirlsInYogaPants.com videos with celebrities and has enlightened the masses in Seattle to the greatness of yoga pants. We’re proud to announce that he is now a free agent. Eddie has 13 years of experience in entertaining people. You can email him at askyourboyeddie@gmail.com.


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  • bayou boy

    Best of luck to Eddie. I too will be a free agent from the Navy though. Twas kinda funny listening in to your show while stationed up there. Tell Nick he should show off Mariah’s bulumptious booty and quit being stingy.

  • StrokerAce

    Yeah, we need to see some Mariah Carey in yoga pants action! Word! :D

  • Dave

    You guys are freaking hilarious!!!

  • tight!

    The minstral show again?! These clowns set blacks back about fifty years.

  • Come on son

    WHOAHH no place for that here bro ^

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