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In honor of Charlie Sheen, I present you with a skinny blonde with fake tits.

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  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99

    Yea, id hit that… twice!

  • Jprsmac

    “Winning” is the only way to sum this up!

  • boner


  • Jtc

    No asd I bet

  • maestro716

    She skinny as hell….8/10. She would def be a 10 if she were a little bit thicker.

  • Money


  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Cute girl but winning i don’t know only if she turn around and see that ass

  • Marco

    She definitely has my tiger blood boiling…and I wanna do rails of pure Colombian blow off that rock hard set of abs! (and her ass…c’mon now)

  • Justahandyman

    They’re not fake tits – they’re artifically enhanced! If they were fake she could take them off! As for the pic – meh…

  • StrokerAce

    Whether or not she’s got an ass, I’d hit that with aplomb! Fake juggs or no. ;)

  • http://www.shave-my-balls.com Steve

    Wow! That is not the side I would be expecting for this site, but I am totally intrigued by her abs. I’m dying to know what the other side looks like.
    Wedding ring is a buzz kill though… Made you look!

  • http://poop.com analboy

    enough with the front shots i wanna see some damn ass

  • will

    Awesome. Can we get some more pics?

  • canon


  • kingdread

    enough with the ugly blondes with fake boobs this site is called GIRLS IN YOGA PANTS not ugly blondes with small fake boobs

  • Damien

    wow… thats a sexy tummy

  • Johnny

    If Charlie Sheen is biwinning then this girl is *at least* triwinning. Outstanding.

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com odepahs

    I doubt if those boobies are fake,..
    but can tell she wearing one of those “push-up-bras”

  • Chris

    WOW what a slammin bod! Super sexxy!

  • Tman

    Holy Sh*t!! Perfect

  • Dwane

    It almost looks like Paris Hilton. But better, in honor of Charlie I would spank her tiny ass also.

  • Heavy Dupree

    ….my favorite kind!

  • dave

    And in honor of Charlie Sheen, I’d jump her bones until she got tired of great sex and figured out I really am a big asshole.

  • smokestack

    yea she has nice abs n’shit but all in all this is the lamest pic i’ve seen on here so far…i kinda wish i’d paid to see it just so i could demand my fuckin money back

  • Dave

    She needs to battle-test my bayonet, bro!

  • http://www.mybloggityblog.com James

    Fake tits or not she’s in shape and looking fine!

  • chris

    There’s def a few girls at the gym that I would like to snap a pic of their asses, but it’d be so hard bc there’s so many people there

  • Jason

    Appreciate the effort you obviously put into your workout, but the sweaty titties is a turn off.

  • Ashley Pelletier

    You are all too crazy, this is a professional athlete and she’s a NASM personal trainer! She does not have fake boobs, but she does work very hard for her fabulous physique! She competes in professional fitness contests, and is a top Wilhemina model!

  • Patrick

    @kingdread, you are a complete retard. That girl is not ugly one bit. Now, it seems like she’s wearing yoga pants and she is a girl…so how doesn’t this belong on this site? So what if it’s not a shot of her ass, its still damn sexy. If you don’t think so, GTFO noob.

  • Steve

    This chick is so smoking hot, she wouldn’t even give the time to 99.9% of you fags on this site. Give me a break.

  • Darwin

    A tad on the thin side but hot anyway. The added bonus is the fact she took the pic in either a strip or massage joint locker room.

  • riverman

    WAY too skinny, fake tits, cant see what there may be of here ass, no slime, not even looking at the mirror, and it was taken in what appears to be a public locker room… i’ll pass.

  • Jon

    more like losing, badly

  • Yowza

    shes ok i guess, I would hit it, but shes in need of a few meals. too skinny

  • janey’s admirer

    Those aren’t fake…they’re real and they’re spectacular!!!

  • dumb

    yeah so funny…this girl is a friend of mine and shes an amazing person, no fake boobs, personal trainer and model. dont hate. and oh shes MARRIED. dumbasses.

  • kingdread

    @patrick dude the site is called girls in yoga pant not girls in push up bras with fake tits this site is intended to show off a girls apple bottom,booty,ass,ect. not sum dumb bimbos fake boobs. now that may be ur type of girl but me being a real man i prefer a real female not a skinny fake blonde bimbo.

  • http://witkh.tumblr.com Witkh13

    What I’ll do to her is very real, instead of fake… That being putting a bunn in her oven.

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