Amateur girlfriends, wives, friends with benefits & more, all voted in by our sponsors! (25 GIYP, 32 Photos)

vote-amateur-girlfriend1GIYP fan Jordan sent in his girlfriend both in and out of yoga pants, and it wasn’t a hard decision for our sponsors to want to see this posted on the homepage. The vote was 56 to 1, and I’m pretty sure that one person accidentally clicked no. If you want our sponsors to vote on your girlfriend’s booty, submit it here! If you want to join our sponsors in voting on what gets posted on the homepage, click here! The first month is only a penny, and in Canada those don’t even exist so this basically free for you guys. If you just want to see this girl with her yoga pants pulled down, as well as 24 other girls showing off their amazing butts, here you go.


A visitor’s wife:

A sponsor’s Fiancée:

A visitor’s wife in see-through yoga pants:
Submitted by Mike, he writes:

“Wife claims she doesn’t have a nice ass and I overwhelmingly disagree!”

“The wife in yoga pants”
Submitted by Stacy

Hand-bra and short shorts:


Epic hand-bra & camel toe pic from this girl on the next page

Written by C. Munson

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Two car show girls in white yoga pants


Anna Nystrom from the front and back in grey yoga pants