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Do yourself a favor: Skip to the 0:58 mark, sit back, and enjoy.



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  • Neal

    WOW, what fine ass she has. She could sit on my face and toot, while she sucks on my boner.

  • Dan

    Wtf happen to her. She used to look real hot.

  • hurt

    She looks a little like Octomom doesnt she? What happened to her her still has a awesome ass though.

  • Lester Paul

    Thank god for perverted camera men.

  • Stifler

    Great body dog shit face

  • tabernac

    Love the hair flip @ 1:51 But wow someone needs give this woman a sandwich. Kinda boney.

  • Marshall

    Wow what a revolotionary workout .. And her anatomical knowledge is ground breaking …

  • StrokerAce


    That is all. :D

  • hellspawnman

    Fuck it! I preffer her old videos!

  • The Last Universalist

    Nice-looking woman.

  • http://facebook pj

    Wow, can you say cocaine addict? She seems to be skiing in the video.

  • http://facebook pj

    Lol, as she wipes her nose and looks to the sky as the video ends. Weight lifting and a cocaine habbit, what a piece of work.

  • ZenMaster

    She is 38 years old

  • Aldaris

    Mother of God….I can’t even imagine her without make up….fortunately she still has one of the hottest ass on internet….great outfit in the gym!

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