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The best video I’ve seen all day comes from the lovely Lais Deleon on Instagram:



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  • George Costanza

    You see those gay faggots in the background pretending to be whistlin? WAKE THE PHUCK UP AND RUN A TRAIN ON THIS BITCH!!!

  • Shilow

    Really George, you want this woman to be gang raped because she’s working out in yoga pants.

  • first

    Damn right Georgie. that’s what we would all do if we were there next to that was with a Brown asshole.

    oh by the way… I’m back fags!


    yeah I’m always first bitch.

    you can’t get rid of me hahaha.

    as your leader, best in the world, and unofficial quality control director, I give this Brown asshole my sweet tiny mushroom stamp of…

    P A S S

    you guys DO NOT have my blessing to jerk off your tiny dicks to this Brown sweaty asshole.

    hey Georgie, still jerking off your tiny dick to pictures of Ricky Martin? If so,let me join you.

  • Weaz

    Blow ropes of cum all over her back

  • Raperman

    Bind her hands and feet and sodomize her.

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