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I’ve got a rock Vida could climb any day. Check out another pic of her rock climbing expedition on her Twitter.



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  • WACO

    With mountain climbing, it’s essential to find just the right crack…FOUND IT!

  • Richard Head

    If her body is an amusement park then her ass is my favorite ride.


    what an asshole.

  • StrokerAce

    I want her to climb aboard my throbbing cock! :D

  • Neal

    would have to search her whole body, then handcuff her hands behind her back, then screw from behind.

  • Randy

    She isn’t climbing shit. She’s just spreadeagled against that rock wall. Lame.

  • J.Meoffe

    those farts would create an avalanche

  • Dark Lord of Anus

    When we get to the summit I will erect a monument in her honor.

  • The Last Universalist

    Great pic. You can’t go wrong with Vida.

  • Bootyologist

    Man that is one healthy booty. And that little waist… Is nice

  • Billy Bob

    The pic on her Twitter page of her ass is better than this one! Creep on over n look. I can never get bored with perfection. Her body is simply AMAZING! As always a 10 on my crank-o-meter! Her ass on the Twitter page gets an 11!

  • jigsaw

    a fit women with such a butt

    my my

  • http://Www.nahright.com Archangel99

    I’m tired of this smut

  • fapper

    She should go cock climbing instead.

  • Smitty

    That ass… Damn!

  • dcuplover

    it may have shape but it is too wide for me.

  • Carl

    if you go to her twitter you can see she is wearing Ugg boots. yeah…really “rock-climbing”

  • ass

    wow my dick has never throbbed so hard before.

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