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Say hello to my future wife Valeria Orsini, a 22-year-old model measuring up at 34C-24-34. Hit her up on Twitter at @valeria_orsini and let her know what you think of this pic.



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  • yo


  • Shockwave 75

    I think I’ve just seen proof of God, that’s what I think!

  • LoVesToSpLooJe

    Hahahaha wishing I could make it with her is beyond a fantasy…

  • randy

    Amazing body

  • StrokerAce

    Simply put, I’d fuck the hell out of her. ;)

  • showtime

    i love the white pants
    she’s like the hottest stripper in vegas

  • paul

    she can do me like liz berkley does on the movie showgirls. she is hot

  • cazr

    Dam she has nice ass and she has nice pink pussy to fck evry single day i like from picture..

  • Ehhhhhhh

    Everything looks great from the neck down!

  • Carnage

    This girl is posting pics here, on Fap Nation…. can you say attention starved?

  • George


  • jack


  • Aldaris

    Damn and those tits seem genuine! nice body, shaped with mma I presumed from her others pics!
    So nice, I’d like to spar with her sometimes….

  • loki

    pic on the right loks like paul stanley KISS

  • buttman

    i want her to fart into my open mouth

  • bootylov

    Now thats a killer body!


    Will you marry me?

  • Bootyologist

    The body is out-fukin-rageous. But unfortunately……

  • RED

    IF only she was as hot as she thinks she is.

  • buttman

    she has a dudes face, regardless i would eat her scat

  • Canuckguy

    She seems to have a really big nose in the picture on the right. But I can overlook that small flaw.

  • GoUrge

    Throw a flag over her face and bing-bang-boom for Old Glory.

  • GoUrge

    Put a bag on her head and she’s ready to fuck.

  • bigdingawang

    Pls come to my house so I can suck that ass all night long

  • http://www.yogamatsunlimited.com GSD

    She looks great in those yoga pants. Come check out yogamatsunlilmited.com and you too could look as good as Valeria.

  • George Costanza


  • Horseflesh

    Looks like Chris Crocker in drag, “Leave Brittany ALONE!”

  • robert allen

    See why men fight over women!!! This one is Worth it!!!

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