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Too Small Or Just Right?

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tie-dyeCory sent in his girlfriend’s “squat booty” wanting to hear your thoughts.
Click the little thumbs up or leave a comment if you want more angles.


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  • Master Amsu

    I would do it ….. nice wide hips bet there is a good gap!

  • Carlos Danger


  • Guest

    Too small.

  • Hyperskunk

    Just right!!!!!

  • Verified Columnist

    too small

  • bootycrushsaga


  • Raperman

    Looks good, would like to see another pic.

  • Geo

    Too flat for me. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl but I just prefer more back there.

  • first


    Yeah I’m always first bitch

    That’s right im back

    Nothing to see here guys. Move right along.

    Maybe it’s the angle. Come on dude…you’re a fan of this site… you should know the right angles for quality ass pics. You’re letting all of us down.

    Send more with a different angle because right now you’re letting your girlfriend down.

    I have spoken.


  • jonesboy

    Nice. Would like to see more

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