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This is so much better than that movie with Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey. Okay, honestly.. I’ve never seen that movie, but there’s not to many things I’m going to enjoy more than this update. Make the jump for the full shot!

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  • Capo Flynn


  • John

    That is one hot ass.


    You just brightened my day with that beautiful grape laffy taffy.

  • semi


  • Dave

    Masterpiece. :)

  • jay

    i bet i can make you come with your purple pants on using only my tongue

  • Marco

    Geezus…that thing is dangerous!!!MORE!!!

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  • Darwin

    Woahhhhh. That is beyond perfection.

  • GreG

    Damn I love how purple can really enhance her looks!

  • Peter North

    Like to make that grape “whine ” ! $$$$$ shots

  • Johnny

    She’s got what it takes.

  • assman

    absolutely and totally perfect. Bravo!!!

  • Eric

    I’ve never commented on this site before. But this is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING/AMAZING/PERFECT/BEAUTIFUL/GORGEOUS/HOT/SEXY!!!! The list of adjectives could go on and on.

  • janey’s admirer

    purple has always been my favorite color…now i have another reason to lick it….er….i mean like it

  • ILoveYogaPants

    Not sure it gets any better than that!!

  • Richard Head

    What I’d give to lay with and in that ass.

  • http://www.askmen.com Akeem Alexander

    That THE COLOR PURPLE Slimy Inappropriate Ass is going to be Fucked First in My Top 100 Billboard Fuck List!!! ;D

  • http://devon.Lakers2416/Facebook.com Devon2416

    In GIYP We Trust!! can i have her? PLEASE!!

  • Me

    That is one gorgeous body. Props to the Assman

  • yowza

    almost perfect, wear white, and show the toe!

  • Vic

    if there ever is a word in the dictionary of “PERFECT ASS IN YOGA PANTS” u see this pic

  • Scott

    OH MY GOD!!!! The things I would do to that girl over and over and over again. She’d live in an extasy of orgasm heaven. Oh yeah, Janey can come too.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d be happy to get to dryhump her ass, let alone get naked and truly nail her! ;)

    And GIYP, have you guys ever figured out why Google Chrome hates this site and still gives that malware warning? I hate using IE or Firefox to view the page because both browsers take too long to load.

  • RB

    Hall of Fame.

  • allen

    i’d like to put my face right in that sweet spot…

  • butts3xlover

    u would need the jaws of life to pry me away from that ass!

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com Purple People Eater

    Wow. That is exceptional. Someone post her name so I can find more photos.

  • charlie

    Your beutifull but i love your ass baby…

  • Rocketman

    WOW, and in the perfect position, well almost, lift up on your knees a bit, but your pants are gonna get ruined ’cause I ain’t taking ‘em off, just drill right thru ‘em…janey, might need some help here!!!LOL

  • william

    i am not hard 2 please pretty face, tight body GREAT ASS so the purple just brings it all together

  • Richard

    My wife likes the color purple. Now I do too.

  • dave

    Geez – she looks too hot to be legal. I’m going to jail for what I’m thinking….

  • http://www.TheWorldFrenzy.com Fred


    Phenomenal ass and legs, a little hard in the face tho :(
    That said, believe me, I would love to fuck her hard!

  • Anasslover

    this pic seriously took my breath away when I first saw it.

  • King

    NOW THAT is how all the girls in yoga pants should look like!!!

  • rexkyte

    you are sensationally gorgeous i would play with you every day darling

  • MajorTrouble30

    My favorite color on a great ass!!! Thank You ver much!!!!

  • bailey

    damnnn i would love to graab, feel that ass

  • Ra Ra

    I hope to God i dont run into this girl in real life. cuz i would definitely go to prison for life.

  • sasuchiwa

    i want that purple stuff!

  • fiz

    LOL…OH MAN is that NICE!!! Spectacular!

  • Marcus

    One of the best asses I’ve seen! I’d hit the bej3sus out of it!

  • http://AOL Sammy J.


  • Mayday63


  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    Once in her tighy butt hole, i don’t want to cum out for hours!!!

  • Octavio Paz

    I’ve seen this photo everywhere on the ‘net. Who is the model in this pic?

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