Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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28 Comments Amateur  //  Big booty
  • http://www.facebook.com/the1mrb Marcus


  • B

    It’s like she cut a basketball in half and put both ends in her pants :P

  • jay diesel


  • Hughie

    Muppet gangbang aftermath? Needs more white, but good luck finding a white substance that splatters well…wait…

  • Ch’booie

    Wow! Are those implants? I mean… wow! How is an ass like that even possible? Wouldn’t it collapse under it’s own gravitational force?

    She’s amazing! I think we need more pics from other angles tho, yeah, more pics, definitely, lots more pics. :D

  • http://www.nahright.com archangel99


  • ThongMan

    Must be photoshopped – nobody has pants that colour.

  • StrokerAce

    Well, I have more white on her ass now, at least on my monitor. ;)

  • Tom

    totaly hot and sexy

  • El

    Looks like a buttpad. If its not cut me a piece.

  • jack

    Nasty!!! Next.

  • rob

    Either implants or photochopped. Id vote implants

  • Robert


  • Poopy McPoop

    No thanks. I prefer smaller, more athletic butts.

  • booty butt cheeks

    i don’t understand why people do stuff like this, that’s just redonkulous

  • ironman

    fake or real…too getto and in a few years ewwwwwwwwww gravity aint gonna be a friend to that ass…..

  • Optimus Primal

    Too fat, that shit shouldn’t even get posted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    Now This is what im talking about hell yea!!!!!!!!!

  • Ch’booie

    Anyone who says an ass is “too” fat to be posted here is a communist.


    can’t you stop the virus attacks on this site????????

  • @bootyhuntar


  • Optimus Primal

    Anyone who says this ass isn’t fat is the actual commie

  • Komi

    Hahhaha to all the guys talking shit about a nice booty like this, im 16 and black and i have better taste in ass then your punk asses…real talk you’ll probably like women that look like a plank from the back. Also if you dont like the booty why do we need to comment, pretty sure the people who like it dont give a shit about you or your comment. L2Havebettertasteinass Bitch Ass Faggots

  • http://www.bulgingdisctreatmentx.org Derek

    Wow, too bad they couldn’t clean the barf off her pants before the shot

  • http://www.girlsinyogapants.com Demetru Van Coy

    Well – said Komi . Calling a curvy lady ghetto is wrong . They are bless back there . Even girls with no ass on this site either bending over , take close – up butt pic , or on all four . Why ? To make their ass look bigger than it really is .

  • eddie

    more cushion for the pushin :P

  • oddiofile

    Yoga pants from 1984? Are they Chip&Pepper?

  • bob

    i’d splat all over that!!!!

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