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Ty sent in this picture, with the title up there. I’d have more to say about all of this, but I’m holding up some friends from watching The Walking Dead. So yeah, make the jump for the full shot – I’m going to go watch some zombies get shot.

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  • rolnndo


  • Marco, San Francisco CA

    Wow…this girl needs a $50 gift card…for reals. That is amazing. Snack sized fun!

  • Aaron

    That is awesome! We need a full spread!

  • Anders

    that’s lupe fuentes, google her name if you want to see quite a bit more of here if you catch my drift…

  • Wow

    Wow!!!!! SO perfect!!

  • StrokerAce

    Sweet! :)

  • Scott

    That is one fine piece of ass

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  • mmm

    Nice ass agreed. Not sure if it makes a difference but I am 99% sure this is Teen Porn star Lupe Fuentes or “Little Lupe”, google her ha.

  • jzajza


  • Johnny

    Whoever the hell she is, that’s top quality.

  • fanofgiyp

    Porn star or not, that’s a nice ass!

  • lululover

    hall of fame for shure comon now thats the best ive seen up here in months

  • Patrick

    Nice ass, BUSTED face. God truly does have a sense of humor.

  • bob

    that chic has a sweet ass i’d so tongue that terd cutter

  • ranD

    thats definitely Little Lupe.

  • BDI’s

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s Lupe. Agree with fanofgiyp, though. Regardless, that is an excellent example of ass.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please take note of this ass! Not photoshopped, and it’s still near perfection. You don’t need to make it look 400 times larger than it is. Just be proud of what you have, take some pictures (or let us do it for you), and send them in un-‘shopped (unless you’re editing out faces or background or such). We here appreciate the “real” ass, not some overblown idea of what an ass should be. So show us that backside, ladies!

    That is all.

  • kp

    Little LUPE!!!!! Vaginaaaa Pusseeeeeey!!!

    Bababooey bababooey

  • kp

    Little LUPE!!! Vaginnnnaaaa Pusssssyyyyyyyy!!

    Bababooey bababooey!!!!

    Too bad shes with that fucking gooner looking Evan Seinfield. Shame.

  • R

    Th site tag ruins the full photo please make it smaller and repost PLEASE


  • Robert

    Awesome!! WE LIKE


  • Chris


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