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Friday Frontal: Body Like An Hourglass

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fran-1Dan sent in this unbelievably curvy babe that goes by the name Fran. He seemed to imply that she’s been posted before, but we’re not sure. Have you seen these curves before? Click here for 2 more pictures and let us know in the comments..

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Alexis Texas Bent Over In Yoga Pants

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alexis-texasFollow her on Twitter: @Alexis_Texas

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Friday Frontal: Mystery Girl

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karla-chacinLuiz says this girl is from Mexico and is named Dibbene, but a quick google search brings up the name Karla Chacin.

karla-chacin-1Let’s be honest… with tits like that, I don’t really care what your name is. However if you do happen to know feel free to swing by the comments and share the wealth.

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Friday Frontal: 6 Pics From The Cougar

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cougar-assWhile we can all agree we would take The Cougar on from any angle, we want to know which one is your favorite. Do you like when she sticks her booty out?

cougar-ass-6Or when she shows off her titties and camel toe? Click here to check out 4 more angles of The Cougar and her amazing tits and ass ›

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This 45 Year Old Woman’s Booty Puts Most 18 Year Olds To Shame

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chicken-tuna-26 months ago a user submitted one of the greatest asses we’ve ever seen, and since then we have learned that the incredible ass we were drooling over belongs to a 45 year old.

chicken-tuna-3There’s no other way to say it really, dat ass has aged like a fine wine and I’m an alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in 11 hours. So if you’re as thirsty as I am, check out the bonus bikini pic below. » Continue reading “This 45 Year Old Woman’s Booty Puts Most 18 Year Olds To Shame”

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