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The parks I frequent blow in comparison to the parks our fans find.. The only thing close to this I’ve seen while out for a stroll was when a hooker dropped her crack pipe in front of me. I washed my eyes with bleach and I’m pretty sure I still got an STD.. but enough about me and my diseases, keep going for the enlarged version of this babe.. › Continue reading


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GIYP Twitter follower @OhhhJessicaa sent us this shot of her showing off her new yoga pants. You all should certainly go follow this babe on Twitter and send her marriage proposals as soon as possible. We have some very eligible bachelors in the comments section here on GirlsInYogaPants.com. Keep going for the full picture and let her know what you think › Continue reading


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Great.. now no meal will satisfy me unless prepared by a girl in yoga pants. If I win the lottery, I’m going to employ the girls featured in our hall of fame to work in my mansion so every room will be filled with booty as good as this one. Like what you see? Keep going for the high res shot.. › Continue reading


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This girl has obviously been doing her squats, and not eating near as many Angry Whoppers as I have. Let her know what you think of her physical progress in the comments.


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