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@Steph_M_Snyder Doing Squats

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steph-m-snyderBecause smart girls squat, but smarter girls post pictures of them squatting for their followers. Follow @Steph_M_Snyder

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Epic big booty

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10 Pics: Yoga pants, the bacon of clothing

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The more the merrier. » Continue reading “10 Pics: Yoga pants, the bacon of clothing”

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9 Creep Shots Of Two Models In Green Yoga Pants Promoting Purina Dog Chow

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greenIt doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it sells better with girls in yoga pants.
green-1We have to assume shortly after this event Purina’s stock skyrocketed. Men who don’t even own dogs were probably rushing to the store and loading up without even realizing it. That’s what happens when you’re high on yoga pants.
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12 pics of @soniatlevfitness in yoga pants

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Instagram user @soniatlevfitness has some great pics on there. Here are some of my favorites. » Continue reading “12 pics of @soniatlevfitness in yoga pants”

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