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9 creep shots of 1 booty at Whole Foods

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creep-shot-041Credit goes to @Creeping_Tom67 for being creepy as fuck and snapping 9 pictures of one big booty he couldn’t get enough of while he was at the grocery store. If you like what you see, you’re really going to like the other angles. » Continue reading “9 creep shots of 1 booty at Whole Foods”

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Asian girl with big boobs in yoga pants & workout shorts (8 Photos)

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Enjoy these 8 pics from @jojo_babie‘s Instagram. » Continue reading “Asian girl with big boobs in yoga pants & workout shorts (8 Photos)”

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Classic: Booty around a pole on the subway

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classic-epic-booty-on-the-subwayAny long time GIYP fan will recognize this photo as one of our earliest submissions, helping spread the love of booty in yoga pants world wide. That was until we discovered the original version we posted was horribly photoshopped. We didn’t shy away from this, we knew our fans deserved better so we found and posted the un-edited version and had a fan submit a pic of her big ass swallowing a wooden pole to make up for the damage.

Now you might have thought this is where the story ends – but you’d be wrong. An unknown GIYP fan went out of his way to actually recreate the scene from the original photoshopped picture with a real, giant booty.

It’s a mystery why anyone would do this, but we’re happy they did. » Continue reading “Classic: Booty around a pole on the subway”

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Creep shot of his wife’s ass

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creep-shot-031Submitted by Billbaloney

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La Bella Reina’s big booty in & out of yoga pants

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Here is @lareinasworld‘s booty in yoga pants, aaaaand here it is out of them…. » Continue reading “La Bella Reina’s big booty in & out of yoga pants”

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