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Kylie Jenner In Yoga Pants

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kylieKylie Jenner posted this picture of herself in yoga pants on Instagram yesterday, and while we may have banned Kim Kardashian for photo manipulation, I don’t think this Special K will require any photoshopping in the near future, so it’s safe for us to post her without fear of being duped. However, have you had a chance to see what happened to Kim since the banning? I think we made the right choice.


*DISCLAIMER: We know she’s spaghetti sauced, the outfit was still terrible

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Ashley Skyy In Yoga Pants

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ashley-skyyvia @AshleySkyy

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Big booty in slightly see-through yoga pants

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big booty in see through in the room

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Bubbly booty in pink striped yoga pants

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bubbly booty in pink

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Titty Tuesday is here!

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titty-tuesday-01Submitted by GIYP fan kucingrayau for Titty Tuesday, you can find more pics of this chick on her Instagram @cafsantamaria, or you can check her out in her work outfit below. » Continue reading “Titty Tuesday is here!”

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