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You might make fun of some girls for taking too many selfies, but I for one have no problem with it. Pictures like this more than make up for the times I’m startled when scrolling down on Instagram and I see a close-up of someone staring at me with glazed-over eyes and a fake smile.

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  • McHorny

    she cute
    nice gap

  • Reck

    Riley Reid?

  • StrokerAce

    Judging by the shape and the gap, I’d probably hit that, but it’s way too blurred.

  • Ch’booie

    it’s true, i do make fun of girls who take too many selfies. hard.

    this is some blurry shit. can’t see nuttin.

  • Neal

    Bad picture, take another picture.

  • Reck

    Are you guys blind?

    Its not blurry enough that you cant see anything. It looks that way because admin shrinks the image.

  • Ted Smith

    The two fingers holding up is how more years until she turns 18.

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