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nicki minaj selfies
Ever wonder how Nicki Minaj spends a Thursday night? Uploading selfies to Instagram of course. She uploaded these shots last night showing off her booty and cam-toe in yoga pants. It looks like there’s some pokie action in one pic, but it may just be an irregularity in her hoodie. I usually support any kind of pics of yoga pants, but I do disagree with her #cameltoesux hashtag.

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  • luke

    She is so UGLY and FAT. I hope I never see her again.

  • Cybr

    No talent skank. PASS! A 1000 times, PASS!!!

  • yuck

    this is gross.

  • yuck

    and how vain to have a phone cover with your picture on it

  • insertion

    Keep the shades on. Love that booty.

  • knutz

    What caliber are those nipples ?

  • http://None MrReal

    Y’all are crazy if you call this girl fat, she may be overly made up, but she is in no way, shape, or form fat. ALL YOUR COMMENTS SEEM TO HAVE SOME SORT OF UNDERTONE!!!!

  • jordy odds

    Get that ugly ass ratchet B back to the dumster she crawl’d from, hoe!


    I kind of like the plump butt cheeks. Stop the hating. thestinky.com

  • Neal

    Stick my naked ass into her face and fart.

  • Dam

    Another fat petrol.

  • huh?

    Plastic untalented whore….NEXT!

  • UrEtArDeD

    I swear people must be looking through circus mirrors if they think this chick is not fat! Over here looking through regular non circus mirror denial glasses, I can clearly see how freakin FAT she is! My god can we get an eye doctor to help these people please?! If you think there’s somes sort of undertone to the comments, I’ll politely try to clear it up for you.. There’s no thinking that this chick is fat, it’s simply a reality because SHE IS FAT! It’s clearly evident that someone is fat when you can set a roast beef sandwich, a full beer Stein, and an ash tray on their ass without having to worry about any of them falling off because there’s room to spare! I need to try on a pair of these circus mirror denial glasses because it would open up a whole lot of (pun intended) new opportunities, and it must be nice living in total denial!

  • Chelsea

    Y’all are hating ass pieces of shit. Straight up. How much money have you made recently? Thought so. Keep your bitter shit on the downlow you bitches.

  • Freddy Five fingers

    Thats no camel toe.. that’s a fucking moose knuckle

  • Wulf

    Seriously. What sort of a self-absorbed person has a picture of themselves on their phone?

  • nonyadambidness

    She’s got a bad case of cameltosis…but thumbs up on her nips.

  • Realz

    Shes not fat She is what used to be called voluptuous before being skinny nad having no curves ta all was the style.

  • ricekitty

    Dear uReTaRdEd,

    Thank you for promoting eating disorders AND encouraging women to hate their bodies even more, you shallow, small-penised waste of oxygen. Pray that Anonymous doesn’t find out your identity.

    You’re welcome.

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