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Nicki Minaj shares a jaw-dropping booty selfie

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Every now and then, Nicki Minaj posts some selfies on Instagram showing off her spherical booty region and the internet goes nuts. Let the debates over whether her donk is natural or silicone begin. Here are some more shots of Nicki’s redonkulous ass:


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  • JayR

    She is annoying as hell, but damn looking at that sexy booty.

  • doctor stinkstah

    I would stick my serpent tongue in there. thestinky dot com

  • insertion

    what an excellent feeling it has to be to pump that ass

  • KKKman

    fat monkey ass=nasty

    • Jazz

      Good one and TRUE

  • JayDubIII

    My god that almost a KK size ass

  • Lol

    Come on, there is no way in fucking hell that ass is real, are people that stupid? Go look at her vids when she was just an underground rapper; her ass was nonexistent back then.


      So whats your point….in her verse w big Sean she told ppl like you n I quote

      • 2pac

        She would be dope if the bitch wrote her own shit but she DON’T so she’s WACK!

        • Sal

          Hip hop is dead :(

          • Nunya biziness

            The entire music industry is dead….or I guess I should say its been taken over by the dead……..Why do you think Country Music keeps its distance from the rest of the industry……No talent materialistic, soul selling, technology created, creativity within these people is non-existent. They couldn’t write an original song if you gave them three more lifetimes in which to complete it…..Its a disgusting, rampant, vile collection of dysfunctional degradation and filth with no filters or self respect in which to create something worthy of the attention and responsibility it has inherently. But it wont be left to continue its current path because music is and always will be a powerfull, POSITIVE, energy giving and energy feeding entity and a powerfull healing and life giving being that can destroy just as easily as it creates and uplifts and preserves. No this Fuck me, “Lick me, beat me, shoot me, smack me up, just as long as you pay me…and pay attention to me”, generation is destined for a run typical of someone experiencing the all too familiar “15 minutes of fame.” Not gonna like what is in store for them when its over either. Sucks to be them.

          • ExCountryFan

            I love country, but country sold out just the same as any other genre. Turn on any country station and 90% of the crap you hear is regurgitated country-pop-sync bullshit.

            Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, etc, didn’t use synthesizers and that was real country. Now I listen to bullshit featuring rap artists and it sounds like a dying goat and a howling monkey beating the shit out of eachother.

          • Guest Attorney

            You’re talking about the LL Cool J, Brad Paisley shit lol

          • brad

            2 words… big smo…. the reason that country is selling out too.

          • mac206

            shout out to the niggas that actually read this long ass shit.
            y’all the real MVP

          • Yo momma

            Don’t hate because your attention span wont allow you concentrate long enough to finish a complete sentence…..That is if you can get past the fact that you probably can read all of it because of the use of words with more that 4 letters in them. Good Luck with that MVP (Mad Vindictive Pussy)

          • mac206

            a sentence I’m coo wit
            not your life journals

          • http://BallZonurchinallday.com/ Ball Zonurchin

            You know….when ya got something to say it’s not the time to abbreviate or keep it under 144 charcters if you want your point to be made properly.

          • Sean1978

            YEP, music is garbage nowadays all around to say the least, lack of creation and identity. I agree fully.

          • Menarch

            Hip hop is dead but this corny “hip hop is dead” statement is not … plz just stop it, hip hop is alive, you are just on the wrong section of ‘hip hop’

          • PoloKid

            Hold this “W” bruh

          • Connor

            then youre not even trying to find new stuff, there are so many good rappers and producers out there.

          • k-LEe

            S/O STARLITO & DON TRIP!!!!

          • Doj Dirt

            My niggas…..!

        • Menarch

          She does write her own shit, why would a male say “Maybe its time to put this pussy on your side burns” Just because it’s a successful female rapping, you should be petty about it and assume that she has a ghost writer. Think before you say something ignorat like that again.

          • Kefe1

            A male wrote that because he knew it was for a hoe to use in a song you retard

          • La Bella Bre’

            You act like people can’t write in the 2nd or 3rd person! Comical.

        • flexlive

          She does you dumb ass.

    • mzplatnumplus

      Hey her doctor did a dang good job though

    • Bialar

      she got botox shots in her ass…

    • La Bella Bre’

      Yep, people ARE that stupid, just like people are dumb enough to believe actual takent got these people to where they are. Nope, literally making deals with Satan did. And y’all can have that, and big up that all day. But it’s cray no matter how you look at it, and I would rather listen to something of substance than the trash that is on the radio all the time.

      • Dionne Spirit Lazarus

        “Devil want these n*ggas hate they own kind/gotta be Illuminati if a n*gga shine/oh we can’t be a n*gga if a n*gga rich?/oh we gotta be the devil-that’s some n*gga sh*t.” -Jay Z

        Yup. All Black rappers are making deals with Satan. Lemme guess-you’re Black, right? lol

        • La Bella Bre’

          Did I say, “ALL?” No. But you using a wack ass line from Hove who got his name from Jehovah and the classical god Jove shows how little you are equipped to debate about this subject. Case closed. Believe what you want. Sheeple always do. Damn right I’m black and proud of it. I never said he was Illuminati. There ARE NO Black members of the European Black Nobility/Illuminati/Committee of 300/Rosicrucians. Go read up on who the 1% are and you might learn something. You having the name Spirit Lazarus tells me you know something about the Bible, or I could be wrong and you just saw that somewhere and decided to use it, like the womp womp lyric. Some are genuinely talented, but the vast majority are mind-controlled puppets. Don’t speak on things you know nothing about.

          • Dionne Spirit Lazarus

            First off, the name “Spirit” is a nickname given to me by friends based on my highly spirited personality and Lazarus is ACTUALLY MY LAST NAME. Genius you are. It doesn’t take one to know the Bible to know that the main “Sheeple” are the ones who live their lives by it rather than learning to think for themselves. You’re probably the same type that think all gays are going to hell and believe everything you hear in church. And that line by Jay Z was actually very clever and a punchline you’ll never get because it’s people like you who are the butt of that joke.

          • Dionne Spirit Lazarus

            Oh, and funny enough, Jay Z never anointed himself Jehovah, just as others nicknamed me Spirit, Jehovah was a nickname given to him by colleagues who felt he was the “creator” of his own style of rap. He himself said he never felt comfortable being called a God of any sort, so he shortened it to “Hov”. Perhaps YOU shouldn’t speak on things you obviously know nothing about.

  • RipTide

    Nicki always gets me rock hard.

    • alexis

      Ew wtf thirsty ass nigga

  • John E. Dole

    Too bad she ugly as hell.

    • lol

      you must be gay

      • Tiltowait

        you must be fat

      • Lucky 2p

        U R stupid dumb dumb dumb

        • Guest

          Says the person who cannot form a complete sentence.

      • Nunya biziness

        You must be blind, deaf, dumb, and a virgin who doesn’t shower very much.>?

    • Lucky 2P

      True that and ass injection is wrong all for some guy that left that ass after high school, All that make up (well that helps her) oh well everyone can’t be my baby Chilli of TLC Talent, looks, kind hearted, loving, caring, giving can cook smart and gangsta about her money they went up in Clive’s office for that paper and she’s 20 million strong and don’t need to give T shit she had hers and blew it trying to keep up with the Jones Carters Simmons. Nick deflate and make ur money oh and learn to write ur own shit bc ur not the stuff u rapping about is by someone else

      • Sal

        What the hell are you trying to say, you moron?! God, I pray that you are sterile.

      • nunyabusiness

        umm your baby is more ran-through than a tunnel, even Jeezy said he did everything in the A but fuck Chilli

        • Nunya biziness

          See you can even come up with an original name….you gotta gank that from some other person…..just like the entire rap industry.

    • angelica

      She is not ugly u dumbfuck. U probably look like a sac of shit why u talkin, hell at least she gt money and can rap, hell what u gt, nt shit. I don’t even know what u look like and can tell by the way u talkin u ugly

  • Jessica Renee

    Anyone else notice that this photo was posted by C. Minstaine? (Semen stain) lol. Maybe just a coincidence

  • Tiltowait

    Is Nikki behind the hippo in the bad wigs?

  • StrangeTamer

    Eww she’s so fucking gross shaped. Lose some weight you fat cunt. You’re fucking hideous. I’ve taken shits prettier than Nicki Minaj. With better complexion too.

  • Shawn

    as fake as that ass is.. I’d tap it

  • PhantomMetallic

    i would walk behind her and rub my huge serpent between her thick, juicy ass

    • Lucky 2p

      Have respect for the art of the rap game not the ass of it.
      She knows what she is that’s why shes showing it to you.
      This Bitch ass hoe don’t write here own shit, the success of her first two CDs go to a few good men that’s been in the game for a long ass time,
      She very well might try to write her own stuff now because everyone knows she wasn’t at first.

    • alexis

      Lmfaoo i think that’s funny knowing her ass ain’t real and seeing how thirsy u niggas are, Lmfaooo, I guess the thirst is real

      • truth

        What website do you think you’re own sweetheart? You must be dumb as rocks. Buh-bye!

  • Geo

    Wow…I was starting to think that all women on the planet were white. It’s about time we got some color on this site.

  • Arty Cohn

    How does she get that fake padding to look so real?

    • 4real

      Ass injection

  • Gus

    Gross. Just a big FAT ass. In some shots it looks like she’s wearing a diaper. Ugh…

  • Chef Lucky

    Real Pictures:FAKE ASS

  • duh

    to all that talk shit about how she soo fake and don’t write her own music yall should known that she still gets money and you don’t. so

    • La Bella Bre’

      Umm, and how did you come to that conclusion? Do you know any of these people in person? No. So shut the fuck up talking about who gets money and who doesn’t. She ain’t giving you one red cent boo, so stop riding that fake hippopotamus ass of hers! When she cut you a check, then you will have reason to vouch for her! I’m not hating, I’m just finding it comical people (fans) will fucking go to war for these fake, phony celebrities and yet these same famous people wouldn’t give you water if you were dying of thirst. Wake the fuck up you ignoramus.

  • La Bella Bre’

    I don’t have a prob with her, but these chicks seem very paltry…posting all these pics of their asses as if that’s all they have. It’s sad really, and I’m a woman with a nice one. But I would never IG pics. Looks slorish and reminds me of a woman with low self-esteem who just craves attention any way she can get it. Money doesn’t buy class, good sense, or happiness. She might be getting checks, but you can’t take that shit with you when you die. It’s funny in a way…

    • Nokellz

      We are in agreement, I know it sounds crazy but I wish all us beautiful women would realize it is low self-esteem to glorify sexual objectification in demeaning photos. I mean look at the comment by PhantomMetallic. We just deserve better and these men didn’t do a DAMN thing to get more than just their hands and imaginations at night. Cover up ladies, seriously you make it so much harder for a girl who wants to work to her position and be respected for her skills not her attractiveness.

      • Whydid Youblockme

        yep to both posts ….
        especially when the body parts are FAKE and/or “enhanced”

        • S R J

          What the hell’s wrong with enhanced body parts…nothing that’s what.

      • S R J

        No, just no, if sexy pics bother you, don’t look at them.

    • S R J

      Nothing wrong with showing off what you have, what the hell is so wrong with that?

      • La Bella Bre’

        Actually, I didn’t say anything was wrong with it. I think her entire physique is nice and beautiful, fake and silicone filled ass and fits or not! I like her entire look. But me personally, being the person I am, I noticed there is a whole culture of women showing their ass all the time! Its cool to enjoy your body and show co fidence, but constantly shoving your ass in people’s faces shows the person craves attention. Low self-esteem can be a plague to even the most beautiful people. I love a voluptuous body on a woman…and I’m not a lesbian…I just enjoy looking. However, a line has to be drawn at some point. At which point does it go from confidence to overexposure? I’m not judging, just putting my observations out there.

        • S R J

          I’m just tired of seeing all the hate towards this culture of women you speak of. (Not just by you…) So you’re intellectual and don’t like showing off your body, good for you. This PALTRY culture you speak of that enjoys posting pics of their butts and boobs, leave them alone. I don’t see how a line has to be drawn, it’s not THAT serious. People have fetishes, a lot of people, myself included. I love seeing big, round, gravity defying butts, long legs, tiny waists and huge breasts, don’t care if they’re fake or not. That’s what I like, but what I don’t do, is go around posting hateful or “intellectual observations” on pics that don’t suit whatever it is that I like. This site’s sole purpose is to promote women and their perfect asses in yoga pants, if you don’t like it, don’t visit.

          • La Bella Bre’

            OMG. You don’t read or comprehend very well do you? Did the first and second paragraphs of my post NOT state that I like admiring voluptuous bodies on women, and that I LIKE Nicki’s whole look? My whole purpose for posting on the site was because I looked at the photo after seeing a link to it from another site. If you aren’t a woman, then you won’t even understand the whole intellectual, in some cases feminist view I have about these types of pics. I do IG pics, but I don’t shove my ass into every one. Yeah, it is paltry to constantly do it. It shows what type of woman you are. That is a simple observation. How yyou knock me for my opinion, when you yourself happily show yours? Hypocritical much?

            But I’m NOT hating. How does me saying I like something and I like thick bodies (and Nicki’s included, surgically enhanced or not) equate to hate? Get over yourself, dig your boxers out of your ass, and stop trying to nit-pick every single poster who is saying something other than, “she can sit that fat ass on my dick.” You’re a man, I’m a woman. The two views differ. We both like thick bodies. Get over it. People can have a discussion without getting their pnties in a bunch in the civilized, technological world, can’t they?

            Good day to you and enjoy the rest of the site. I’d never even heard of or seen this site until I got sent here from another page, that page being Madame Noire. Don’t ever accuse me of hate. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. But I am the type of woman to give props where they are due. And Nicki has a banging ass body, and I don’t care what anyone does with their body. It’s THEIR BODY. Well played, but the game is over for me!

          • S R J

            You’re right, I don’t know you, but when you come on a site intended to show off sexy girls in yoga pants and comment saying things like you’d never IG a pic of your butt because it’s slorish, you’re giving me the impression that you have nothing but hate. This site wasn’t intended for feminists to come in and start slut shaming, there’s plenty of that elsewhere and you can go join in on those conversations elsewhere.

            I do read and comprehend well, and I find that you contradict yourself, saying you enjoy admiring voluptuous bodies…as long as the person doesn’t have 80% or more of pics featuring their butt and/or boobs. That leaves me, being the simple minded dog I am, very confused as to what is tolerable for a woman to post. Then again, all these women don’t care what you or I even think, they care about the attention, and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially on a site designed to give them the attention they’re craving. So, while nothing will come out of this argument, I’ll go ahead and apologize for replying what was on my mind regarding yours and everyone else’s post that didn’t exactly belong on a site like this. Good day to you as well…if you should ever have a change of heart, maybe you could post some pics of your butt, I’d love to see it :P

          • La Bella Bre’

            Nothing but hate…hmm it could be that it’s just my preference NOT to do that personally. Doesn’t mean I’m hating on the women who do. How am I contradicting myself? Ok I love a nice body! But damn is the ass all we get to see every time?! How is that a contradiction? Anyway, im not a feminist in the dictionary term of the word, but I do think that women can empower society to be more accepting of voluptuous bodies by things other than bending over and shoving a fat ass into the frame! I think instead of calling it a contradiction, you could just view it as an alternate point of view. I see nothing wrong with your view or anyone else’s. But we are coming from to different sides so its useless to debate. Touche’

            P.S. I don’t post or surf feminist sites because most of them are men hating and I happen to love men! :-)

          • True Scorpio

            Id like to see your pics myself. Your intelligent conversation turns me on. No offenses to any women, however, intelligent sexy women is my preference, women who have nothing else to offer is for those looking for that, but the Scorpio that I am is a freak by nature and have indulged with every type of woman, but when it comes to preference I have to admit that you turn me on mentally and physically. Now how bout them pics?

          • isabella

            Just like she has her opinion you have yours if she thinks its wrong then let her i don’t agree with women showing their asses off either because that’s what our culture is now I’m 22 I don’t want my generation to be filled with fake plastic boobs and but implant selfies for my young daughter to see and think she has to look that way. And no i would not let my child listen or look at nicki minaj but come on this is what society wants to encourage women to do to act sexually and sell their bodies for money and its going to be everywhere so yea my daughter and all other girls will see it and think i should look like that i hate my body and they’ll think being a strong woman means posting pics of their boobs and but for men to jack off too. So dont say its alright and that women like kim kardashian and nicki minaj are just doing what they believe in for womens rights thats bullshit any whore can show off their assets a true woman uses her brain and does the right thing. Use your talent not your body to get ahead. I’m not hating she obviously is attractive but if shes so beautiful why does she have to post an ass pic or video every week. I wish there was a respectable role model to start a new trend in american culture one that wont talk about sex and dick 24/7 or broadcast her ass. Nicki is dang near 35 years old. Maybe she should grow up and stop encouraging other women to act like sex objects. And another thing if u want to jack off to big juicy buts why not watch porn.

          • S R J

            You make sex appeal sound like a crime and that it should be looked down upon…there’s nothing wrong with women enhancing their bodies, whether it be from surgeries or a rigorous gym regimen. I think all these conservative people need to be a little more open-minded and receptive of sex appeal.

  • kit

    I’m still trippin off of these women calling their gyrating and showing all their goods as art

    • S R J

      It IS art…and the finest form of it.

  • Phil A Mignon

    I might look good in yoga pants

  • Andy

    Fat ass…

  • mray

    Nicki had a flat booty in 2007 when I was a much bigger fan of hers. On her song “Sticks In My Bun” (from her 2007 mixtape ‘Playtime Is Over’) she said “I wish I had a booty like Trina.” Now, she got fat injections in her butt, allowing her to have a bigger ass than Trina! She always had big, natural boobs, though. Some pics make them look smaller, but she ALWAYS had big breasts.

  • Nunya biziness

    There is nothing sexy about this bitch’s dumpy, dimply, silicone-e, medically enhanced (malpractice suit potential)…..fat ugly ass……And I’m an ass man…..I love me some nice heart shaped round black booty…..But I think I would actually throw up a little if I saw her naked.


    That’s an entire hog worth of fat injections.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      Yep, her booty is fake az those ugly azz pink wigs

  • Kyle Smooth Carpenter

    It’s fake. It’s not even symmetrical. You can tell in the pic with the shoulder pads. The first and second one. Her right cheek is lower then the other. And you can’t say she ain’t standing straight. Look in the second pic. Wack.

  • t3

    Is it just me or does Nikki seem a little desperate for media attention lately?! First grinding on an old wooden table. ..now this unnatural ugly photo? !!! No longer a trend setter huh?! Smdh

  • I Hate Myself

    fuck her

  • Menarch

    Why is everyone always starting an argument about something. I’m glad i was raised differently.

  • Deja

    that shit looks gross like she got on a soggy pamper and its lopsided. There is a fine line between sexy and ridiculous thats just too much it looks cartoonish. if you into lopsided diaper booty than this is for you.

  • Tiff

    You right it is lopsided lol why pay all that money for a lopsided ass???? She should worry bout her music and less bout her body

  • http://fightsandbikinis.blogspot.com/ Fights And Bikinis

    my goodness she is thick

  • kefe1

    Nicki Minaj is a fucking joke lol

  • ew

    Her ass is uneven. D:

  • lady j

    PLEASE!! HER DERRIRE IS AS FAKE AS ALL OF HER!! The majority of of folks in the entertainment business now have fake everything!! Hair,butt,nose,tummy tuck ,botox etc etc.., It’s sad ..but that’s the world today. Most folks are not happy with themselves. Plastic surgery he new must-have for young and old.Some die doing it. No-one wants to age,no-one wants to work out! Mess.

  • Truth

    This ass is trash.

  • pddy

    hey if Taylor Swift can make it with ahem ‘the abundance of talent’ she has …anyone can

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  • http://BallZonurchinallday.com/ Ball Zonurchin

    Dumpy ass……not attractive. Laughable and pathetic is more like it.

  • Pharoh Bone

    Nikki has a great ass fake or real I’ll fuuck her like its real. .

  • k-LEe

    S/O Starlito and Don Trip!!

  • ldub

    I wonder if all the ppl who luv the fake asses also luv the fake hotels they bought playing monopoly?

  • http://www.borntogolesse.blogspot.com/ borntogolesse

    OMG…This is a thunderous butt

  • Ace Boogie

    I’d eat her a$$ n pu$$y!!!!!!

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