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This one is strictly for the big booty lovers! Keep going for the high res..

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  • hitokirikenshin1

    I would suck on her ass cheecks like goldfish in a bowl!

  • Mike

    Damnnnnn now that is a nice bubble butt!

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  • Reggie

    I would hump that in a heartbeat!!

  • jack

    Hell no!!! Pass!!!

  • Richard Head

    I’d hump that ass until it clapped like a wet seal.

  • http://occupy-bacon.tumblr.com/ Carlow

    maybe just the tip at first. depends on how much tequila i could down before diving into that brown.

  • The Last Universalist

    Yes, indeed.

  • Callixtus

    …”This one is strictly for the big booty lovers! Keep going for the high res.. ” WHERE is the high res ?? GIYP is loosing quality now.. sigh

  • StrokerAce

    I’d probably hump, pump, and dump my load in that rump. ;)

  • Carnage

    Pass. She looks sloppy.

  • AssLover

    I wanna hump tht booty hard

  • Ass Lover

    I wanna pound tht booty hard and bust all over it

  • henri

    where is the hi-res ?

  • Bill

    Idk about you guys. But i want to shove moldy cheesecake up the right girl’s funky cheese ass, filling it up, only to eat out later. then fist it deep like a rag doll, wiggling my arm through her intestines and pull out all the cheesy goodness, along with her smelly excrements.

  • Bootyologist

    Fuck………… damn that looks like fun. Atleast an hour’s worth of cardio / weights with dat ass… mmmmmm

  • Jesus
  • Jesus

    Nice Ass

  • taylor

    nope to fat for my liking

  • Mike

    so where’s the high res version?

  • Hershey

    One of the best by far.

  • ABC

    That ass is literally PERFECT. That booty would be worshipped 24/7. Sit on my face until I die please

  • assbootycreeper69

    Yes. just yes.

  • Master Amsu

    Love a nice big chubby ass Mmmmm good

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