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This one comes in from GIYP fan Juliette. Hi Juliette, will you marry me? I know, I know.. this is like my fourth proposal to a GIYP, but can you blame me? Make the jump for the full shot, and let her know what you think in the comments! HINT: ask for more angles!

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  • Vic

    licky licky, all night long

  • JP

    Damn!!!!! Baby got some back!

  • xerotyme

    Absolutely gore-geous dear!

  • Mike

    Juliette – very beautiful. Thank you for sharing and we’d love to see more.

  • janee

    oh good golly

  • Batman

    That is FINE!

  • Zeb

    I would ask for more angles, but a mere mortal can’t speak to a Goddess. All hail the Goddess Bootius!

  • bootywatcher33

    we need a full-fledged photo shoot with you, Juliette.

  • ritz

    i’d give that dick all night

  • Ilikebigbutts

    Tissues please !!

  • Nate The Joker

    Damn i’d use that as a dick warmer.

  • Ryan

    Eating nerds out of her butt hole

  • rob

    Not bad, not bad .. need a fiew more views

  • hey_how_ya_doin

    where’s johnny?

  • yes yes yes

    This is perfection. Juliette please send in more pics… you are sooo fine.

  • t.j.

    Fuckin perfect!!!

  • jaypee

    can i touch it?

  • luther shagnasty

    Wooooooooow. that ladies and gentleman is near perfection… please send more angles!

  • Robert

    Good shot, great ass Juliette – moar plz

  • Robert Weldon

    Definitely need to see more of her…from all angles…preferably w/o clothes!!

  • Chria

    WOW that is really nice!

  • Mark

    Get me the Astro gel…Or maybe a lil spit will do.

  • Chria

    Really sexy curves

  • http://Facebook Juliette

    Thanks everyone for your comments Ill continue to submit! =D<3

  • Johnny

    Awesomeness. Built to sit on my face.

  • Baguito

    I’m not worthy to follow Johnny… I’m just not worthy :(

  • Billy

    I like Shakira too! Now how do we get a pic of her on here?

  • Paulo

    I would stuff my face in there until I passed out…

  • BMk

    wow! nice one

  • jimbo jones

    lol @ old men on here like Johnny harrassing young women… get a fuckin life weirdos

  • jeremy

    damn my baby is fine!!!!

  • juliette

    damn my baby is fine!!

  • jack

    I think jimbo is bitch not a guy. A jealous bitch hiding behind a male name. Only wishing she had a body she could post on this site. Sorry we don’t want to see your 300 pound ass on here!!!

  • Godzilla

    Damn. More please. Beautiful ass.

  • Johnny

    I love Friday

  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    WOW!!!! Damn that a nice ass

  • Darwin


  • http://myspace Tyler

    baby gimmie dat booty. smother me now lol



  • http://www.lmfaovids.com LMFAOvids

    Yeaaaaa buddy im in!


  • Yowza

    I’m in lust! my wife said I could have some of that, if she could too!

  • StrokerAce

    Yes, more angles and more colors! Pink, yellow, white, green, baby blue…….all to stimulate the economy and further stimulate my blood-engorged cock. My bedroom also serves as a photography studio for hot babes like this gal. ;)

  • Nash

    …i think…i love her…

  • http://facebook killrt


  • Dadombskies

    Johns a fuckin creep

  • Me

    You know its good when even jimbo can’t insult the ass.

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com steve souza

    I wish I had an ass like that to impress my bf. wow

  • Green Machine

    fuck her ass and call me sally

  • http://Na Max

    Great ass-ets; too bad she thought it necessary to photoshop her waist…just saying.

  • snappahead

    Fuckin quality ass!

  • fanofgiyp

    Very nice!

  • smokestack

    QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You know its good when even jimbo can’t insult the ass.”

  • http://facebook Juliette

    @Max FYI not photoshoped that pic was all real and natural

  • StrokerAce

    Let’s hope the malware issue is fixed here, but I just got another threat warning.

    I wanna see more hot asses like this one! :D

  • Yoga Guy


  • Marco

    Oh what I wouldnt give to wear that as a facemask.

  • assman2000

    probably one of the best asses i have ever seen

  • twat_waffle_express

    Let me be your Romeo and marry me?

  • djdj500

    I’m am very sexually attracted to your rear.

    Heating up the branding irons as I speak…

  • mRMegoo

    more more more! Yes I like it!

  • Oranje

    Move the damn logo, you marketing tool.

  • tekkkkkkkkkk

    i cant agree more with Oranje….. get the logo atta the good part of the shot, at least!

  • tekkkkkkkkkk

    also, I need to add that this is probably my favorite ass ever. i wish the poster would surprise me by sending me tons of amazing pictures.

  • http://www.lmfaovids.com LMFAOvids

    Perfection!!!! Loving that ASS!!!!


  • Eddie

    good lord, pour that in syrup and sop it up with a biscuit :P

  • awesomedude

    i need a tissue!

  • http://girlsinyogapants.com steve souza

    Like that little horror Kameez is always on this site…that’s Fuckin cool….then the Govenor Jerry Brown poses as a guy name Johnny…that’s Fuckin creepy. It is what it is…

  • http://www.theefab.com social network stockton

    wow that thing looks firm

  • http://none Manny Windstar

    I am sitting out here in the Afghan sun sweating my ass off watching some farmer harvest his crop of opium to sell to the Taliban so they can buy more bullets to shot at me with.

    what I wouldn’t do to be somewhere else right now.

  • Big tom

    God damn, I would be all over that ass in a second, more please

  • Madnessss

    Would love to see the face to match ;) exquisite, Juliette!

  • smile

    tight, refined, and high

  • i wish i had a dick

    i’m so glad i found this site.

  • jealous!

    If I had an ass like that, I’d let guys fuck it all night

  • aceable

    Love the close up I just want to burry my face in there

  • Jealous

    If I had that ass, I would let guys fuck me all night, I really want to suck a cock right now

  • Anthony

    @jealous just suck mine

  • Steve

    Wow, that is so hot. Long live yoga pants

  • bikertorrance


  • Dink Doinkler

    I would lick that fucking shit clean

  • kitchens

    Backyards banging like a benzi

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