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  • hitman


  • Ch’booie

    So… Whatever became of the kitchen hottie or whatever?

    This girl is not standing naturally. I think if she stood normally she’d have no real ass to speak of. And other than that, these pics are tiny blurry low res crap anyway.

    let’s see that kitchen one that you tried to post three days ago.

  • StrokerAce

    I’d like to take a climb on the stairstepper with her. ;)

  • Bootyologist

    I agree with chbooie. She’s doing the arched back, assperk. If she did more squats she wouldn’t have to that. Gotta see the face before I make my final determination.

  • http://gmail.com robbie

    Id slam her sweaty ass

  • Carnage

    this IS the kitchen hottie…

    The kitchen background was deleted and she was Photoshopped onto a gym background.

    That is the only reasonable explanation for how whe got out of the kitchen.

    Mystery solved… You’re welcome.

  • Ch’booie


  • zeeh0le

    She’s so hot that I’d almost be willing to buy her a better camera.

  • kevin

    atleast shes trying, id give it to her good, make that booty tight

  • Justin

    That is Lifetime Fitness…. but which one?

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