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  • StrokerAce

    Not bad. She’s curvy, which is good. I hope that’s not just a lard-ass properly molded by the pants, though.

  • buttman

    by the looks of her stomach she looks to be in decent shape s i will say thats a nice ass i would love to come home to everyday

  • The Last Universalist


  • asslicker

    i have feeling this booty is full of holes but it looks good in those pants maybe i would just cut a hole to fuck so i can feel those pants on my balls

  • reggie

    Nice ass to play with everyday.

  • Ch’booie

    Post the original uncropped version, you pussies.

  • MZA

    Gross. Too much.

  • Captain jack

    NICE ASS!! HIT IT! HIT IT! Like I couldn’t miss!!

  • Fred

    Duh duh I love pussy…duhh duhh

  • http://AOL Sammy J.

    Oh? So this is photoshopped? No way, this site would never allow that!

  • http://AOL Sammy J.

    Seriously, is that a stripper pole?

  • buttlover

    What I would give to sniff her sphincter (frustrated now)! From the looks of her skin color, I bet she’s Latina and those smell the best!

  • Ass Lover

    I would fuck her with my big dick while she screams aye papi and cums

  • ass eater

    jeneva diaz

  • Master Amsu

    I just wanna smell it and lick it …… :)

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