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Christmas came early, and so did I

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remy-lacroix-yoga-pantsI tried to save this amazing set of pictures for Christmas Day, which also happens to be Thong Thursday.. but I’ll be damned if I keep pictures this sexy from our visitors any longer. Plus, who doesn’t open at least one present on Christmas Eve? Follow Remy LaCroix on Twitter (@RemyMeow) and Instagram (@ugottabekittenme) to make your life infinitely better.

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A creep shot of an epic booty

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creep-shot-epic-bootyThat’s a solid 10 right there.

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I bet Santa would love to slide down her chimney

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Another classic pic from our archives to get you in the Christmas spirit.

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An Amazing Canadian Booty

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canadian-booty-1This GIYP fan who goes by the name “The6″ (DRAKE IS THAT YOU?!?) sent in this pic of a good friend of his from Saskatchewan. I think it’s obvi-ASS why they’re friends, but I won’t make any ASSumptions.

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Something you don’t see every day: Red yoga pants

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Someone uploaded this pic anonymously. Anyone recognize it?

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