Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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  • The BootyWatcher

    very nice booty first to comment aww yeah

  • The BootyWatcher

    very nice booty first to comment aww yeah

  • http://twitter jeremy

    Dam dam dam dam daaaaaaaaaam.

  • Carlow

    ka-plow! I’d eat that.

  • whatever happened

    What happened to girls with NICE asses?? This is fat and disguisting. No, seriously, aren’t you supposed to have like a thousand emails with pictures of hot asses? And you put up THIS garbage? I quit this website as of now.

  • Joe

    Fuck no! Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.

  • Resu Eman

    Yikes, that is not a nice ass at all, it’s just a big fat ass covered in cottage cheese.

  • TL

    What?! Disgusting! Step it up GIYP.

  • assbandito

    Seriously fuckin disgusting!!

  • YoungGun

    Even yoga pants can’t make cellulite look good.

  • Tiki

    This is disgusting. I can’t imagine how anyone would be the least bit aroused by this.

  • Girl

    This looks like it should be on ‘people of walmart’ not giyp

  • The Last Universalist

    I can’t believe the number of idiots who can’t appreciate a nice curvy butt. that is flippin’ spectacular. I’d take her home nay day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  • The Last Universalist

    *any* day of the week

  • zeeh0le

    Y’all can keep your little anorexic bitches with their gaping coffee can pussies and twat lips that rattle every time they sneeze. This is what a REAL woman looks like!

  • StrokerAce

    I like curves, but not molded rolls. :/

  • DrDoak

    Remember those toys you used to get out of the quarter machines? You’d put them in water, and they would grow. If you left them in too long, they’d get all bloated and deformed. I think her ass is made out of the same stuff, and she sat in the tub for too long.

  • guccimane

    if you dont like it why would you click on it to just hate on it keep it moving. I like all sizes of asses shes dope.

  • Diesel

    That ass looks like a dart board, may I suggest some salads, squats, & lunges. ASAMFP


    This fucking site has just about hit rock bottom posting shit like this…

    Thanks, I about lost my lunch on that one.

  • Bigloser99

    Sorry. But I love this big Ass. The problem is big girls like this can’t wear white booty hugging pants. Doggy style with this Ass. Wow.

  • jamma

    Who’s this water buffalo

  • Bootysmacker


  • Ward Cleaver

    I pass. Looks like some fatty lumps in the back of those thighs. Her yoga pants are compressing some cellulite.

  • ricknick

    People of Walmart now??? That’s just a hot mess of pock marked lard! Someone buy this $2.00 whore a fucking mirror. PASS!

  • Anonymous

    that is beautiful. I would marry this woman in a minute

  • James

    seriously who is this girl. i want to marry her

  • king juzo

    Theres a difference between a fat ass and a nice ass. The decider being cellulite.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BernierTheoriesInc typicalwhiteboy

    Her ass is pregnant!! Not cool

  • steve tasker

    It’s not that she’s heavy… it’s that she doesn’t realize a sense of modesty is called for at this size. There’s thick, which I like and is good, and then there’s this which is honestly probably requiring medical attention. She looks like her lower body is infected… bee sting or something.

    I’d rather rub my dog’s poopoo on my face than touch her behind.

  • jack


  • Ass Lover Extraordinare

    There are plenty of men that love Asses like this.You can count me amongst them!I love it! It’s beautiful! Thank you girl!

  • James

    Seems sloppy underneath :/


    no thanks

  • Justin


  • joe

    ummmm, gotta pass on that big tub of cellulite

  • lmao

    All the dudes talking shit don’t have a big enough dick to take her to pound town. Their abs will hit her ass before their jank is even near her pussy.

  • Jusnotrite

    I’d love to make it jiggle…

  • Horny ass lover

    Tap that in a second! 

  • Hot and heavy bitchy girl

    Tap that fine ass lick her pussy all over and over again then she’d do me

  • Sluts r us

    Sexy bitch suck my dick I lick your pussy

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