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Some girls spend hours at the gym to achieve that perfect body, while others pack their faces with McDonald’s and it comes naturally. To me, it’s not about how you got there, but this GIYP might have me reconsidering. Check out the enlarged of this beauty keeping herself fit, after the jump!

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  • Adam

    DAMN! We need a back shot! Please!

  • ILoveYogaPants

    She could probably kick the shit out of ya, but damn!!! Wouldn’t that be fun!!

  • Patrick

    Well she is beautiful, in good shape, and not fat or overweight so I’m sure that some homos will have shit to say but this girl is perfect.

  • Jack

    There sure are a lot of fat asses at the gym…

  • jeff

    Lol jack is homo #1. That girl is hot

  • ranD

    @jack phat asses* there i fixed it….. her body is borderline perfect…. so im hoping you were joking….

  • jimbo jones

    you FAGS have no taste in women… obviously because you’re all horny virgin little 12 year olds… the only women you see is in a picture over a website, so for you faggets to comment whether a girl is hot or not is just bullshit….. go get laid then come back when you know what a girl actually looks like in person and not just pictures…

    fucking flaming fagget cockbreathe fruit cups

  • t.j.

    Real nice!

  • Marco

    Mmmm, yummy!

    And look, Jimbo and his homophobic tourette’s is back!

  • Brad

    you’ll never get anything that hard and polished Jack

  • Baguito

    Jimbo you ignorant slut ;)

  • Dwane

    baby got back!!!!! Don’t hate the player, hate the game………..

  • Mike Spence

    Not that is a super hot banging body, my violent torpedo of truth likes it.

  • Robert Weldon

    Wishing to be 30 again!!

  • Johnny


  • http://www.facebook.com/Devon.Lakers2416 Devon2416

    I love it can you turn around!!! :)

  • mRMegoo

    Nice! Seen better, but not bad.

    @jimbo jones, apparently you have to be on here also to get your fix. Does it turn you on trying to be authoritive with men because your tired of being bent over by you lover man? Get real dude! Obviously we appreciate the female body instead of being on a website with beautiful women and leaving comments about gay guys! Doucher!

  • Aaron

    Love it. And she’s not a butterface it would seem. Double bonus. Nice rack, too. Triple bonus.

  • Nash

    very nice

  • Chris

    What a donker!

  • Yowza

    very nice!

  • StrokerAce

    She needs to lift that shirt and wear light gray pants so we can properly examine that sweet, well-toned ass! :D

  • Scott

    This chick is smokin…

  • yes yes yes

    This hottie has a beautiful… face… oh, and an awesome body too.

  • Jeffery B.

    this looks like Katja Kassin.

  • Capt. Blackfoot

    Really liking this one! Nice face and body! Need more like this and more angles too!

  • perfect

    very very nice

    more of this please

  • Chris

    Lookin goooooood! Need some more angles!!

  • Diesel

    Muscular women are so SEXY

  • brian

    deserves hall of fame

  • http://www.google.com R. Allen

    Hope i would be considered in the long line of Marriage Proposals!!! Damn she’s nice!!!

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