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I really don’t even know… But I am a betting man, so $10 says it’s an exorcism.

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  • D

    RAEP TIEM!!!

  • Greg

    It looks like the guy is performing something called “Cupping Massage” its a legit thing ^^

  • Miles

    I think they are playing the “Under which cup is the pea?” trick.

  • Craig

    Its a new website, “2 Cups, 1 Girl”

  • don bradburn

    that’s a nice ass

  • kitty

    it’s called fire cupping.

  • Jim

    Yeah, cupping is “legit”. It sucks the evils out of your blood into your skin causing a theraputic hickey.

  • Marty McFly

    Yup, my old ass neighbor gets that done all the time… see him out doing yard work w/ the marks going up his back. Yes, my old ass neighbor does his lawn work topless. Thank god he’s not wearing Yoga pants.

  • Bryan

    I would much rather see this ass with the two eyes on a Geico commercial than that money with eyes.

  • Shadeddave

    Duh! Its obviously a “bootycism.”

  • dremar

    man! women are going breast implant crazy now why would you want two on your lower back pmsl.

  • drego

    Helps with lower back pain its supposed to get out knots from your muscles also releases air that traps itself in your lower back according to mexican urban legend

  • Verified Columnist

    um yea, i think those glass balls are filled with hot air then put on the back. as they cool they become suction cups. i think this is some weird sht like acupuncture

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