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An Update From Brandie Molnar

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“Brandie who?” – Yeah right.. like you didn’t recognize that mind-blowing body. But yes, it’s official, Brandie has dropped the Underwood in favor of her maiden name and shall from here on out be known as Brandie Molnar. Which to me is great, because in my mind this means I’m one step closer to getting her to take my last name.



Tip: Set this as your wake-up alarm. I now have no issues waking up in the morning.

Caution: Morning boners are now out of control.



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  • doctor stinkstah

    I would let her drop a spike on my face while I was sleeping and wouldn’t even push snooze when the alarm went off in the morning. thestinky dot com

    • The Truth

      You’re not even close to being funny and your website sucks more cock than a gook whore. Please kill yourself.

      • doctor stinkstah

        Please don’t come to my website anymore. Your face gave it a virus and so did your nasty clam canal.

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