Normally we wouldn’t let a GIYP take up this much space on our homepage, but I’m way to distracted staring at dat ass to give a shit about anything else but dat ass. @roldannicole writes:

Hey there:)
My name is Nicole, and I’m a big fan! I visit often & admire the bodacious badonks that you’ve carefully selected to be featured on your site. Hopefully my yogapants-clad rear end is worthy enough to make an appearance! This is my first entry; it’s not a traditional side/back angle view, and I know you can’t see my whole booty but I think my glutes are pretty well defined here. I sent two versions of the picture to choose from.. my only worry is that they are sort of pixelated because of the quality of the camera. I hope you can look past those pixels and see my true booty for what it really is–magnificent. Thank you kindly for your careful consideration. I know this is a grueling process and the decision making process must be tough on take time to relax and breathe and not stress, the right booty will make itself known. ;P

Thank you once again!


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