Random Girl in Yoga Pants


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A GIYP fan at Midway Airport in Chicago snapped this creep shot while waiting for his luggage.


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  • Docter Doak

    Wouldn’t mind seeing more of the girl in the jeans and hooker boots.

  • StrokerAce

    I’m with Doc Doak. Hell, I hope these chicks see themselves here and decide to send in clearer photos of themselves. :D

    (Stroker has a pipe dream.)

  • Optimus Primal

    meh, nothin special here

  • jack

    The one in the jeans & boots looks nice!!!

  • blueollie

    Lots of women who travel in airports wear yoga pants; that is about the only thing tolerable about air travel these-a-days.

    Thanks for the creep shot!

  • Canon


  • El


  • adslkhlf

    Creep shot is still better than 90% of the fat, blubbery shit that normally makes the site!

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